Monday, June 29, 2020

Making Songlines

A song is bursting from me. I sit on a rise overlooking the coast, and sing the first couplet:

We are singing till we're flying

We are flying till we're swimming

Two more lines come to complete the verse:

We are swimming till we're traveling

into the Land

Another verse comes in an easy flow

We are sleeping till we're dreaming

We are dreaming for awakening

We're awakening for our homecoming

into the Land

A woman singer-songwriter is beside me now, carrying the melody in her lovely voice, laughing with me as I experiment with additional lines.

We are laughing till we're bouncing
We are bouncing till we're flying

I know what this is. It's a wing song, a journey song. I am excited to think that I can share it with the people who join me for adventures in the dreamtime and in the dream of everyday life.
    I know what the Land of the song is. It is a happy Otherworld, a land of heart's desire. And the song can help to take us there. We are making songlines.

I rise from by bed bursting with energy after less than three hours sleep, eager to record the song, to share it, and make art with it. I grab oil crayons and create the picture I call, "Making Songlines".


I found this report, dated April 22, 2013, in an old journal while preparing for a class I will lead in my current online course this week titled "Dreaming Songlines". My intention is to help participants  make soul maps of their life journeys, correlated to the physical places where they have experienced a powerful awakening or sense of belonging. We will be open to finding our own dream songs. In many traditional dreaming societies, a song birthed by a dream is a precious gift: a way to call on the spirits, to take off on shamanic journeys, and to follow the path of soul in this world and other worlds.

It is not too late to register for my current online video course, Adventures for Healing in the Dreamtime, in which we harvest insights and practices from twelve world traditions of dreaming. The full menu is here:

Art: Robert Moss, "Making Songlines"


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Patricia said...

I love this Robert. Timely for me to take even more action to carry through a dreaming. I've been carrying and walking with this place in dreams where the light dances with colors today. Yesterday I experienced this fear from a mental construct I have about sprayed corn fields. I was standing in the flowering clover patch beside the corn field and realized I have never seen a bee on this farm. Today as I was shaking the mulberry trees and receiving it's berries on a sheet I placed on the ground, I heard the bees. I looked out over the flowering clovers and there was a colony of bees buzzing them. I sat in the middle of the clover patch and laughed.