Saturday, October 3, 2015

Playing Sidewalk Tarot: "He Can't Kill Both of Us, Can He?"

One of the everyday oracles the Greeks valued most highly was the kledon. A kledon is sound or speech coming out of silence or undifferentiated noise. On a gritty city street, I received a kledon that gave me exact guidance on how to handle a conflictive situation.
     My kledon that day was inspired by my little dog Oskar.
     Oskar is a miniature Schnauzer who weighs about twenty pounds. Walking my little dog towards the park, I was debating with myself whether I could manage to take on two big new projects. Each would demand a great amount of time, energy and focus. Worse, it was possible that they could prove to be mutually competing.
      I had this theme on my mind when a stranger got out of his truck. As he approached me, he pointed his chin at my dog and said, "He can't kill us both at the same time, can he?"
     I felt that behind the joke, a joker of a larger kind was in play.
     I had been asking myself:  Can I handle two new projects at the same time? The kledon I received was “He can't kill us both at the same time, can he?” It did not cause brain damage to figure out the connection. I had been told I could not tackle more than one project at a time.
     I would have to “kill” one of the new projects. I made an instant choice, but now had to find a way to break the news to the project manager I was about to disappoint.
     When I made the call, he was not happy at all. The conversation was strained until I told him my dog story. When I repeated the line, “He can't kill both of us at the same time,” the manager roared with laughter. He shouted, "I get it!"
      I thanked him, and gave a nod to the joker I sensed behind the joke on the street that day.
      This is an example of one of the ways I play the game I call Sidewalk Tarot. I started using the phrase after I noticed that things keep literally popping up, like tarot cards, on the streets and sidewalks of the small city where I live. Anything that enters your field of perception, through any of your senses, within your chosen time frame may count as a card in play, even as one of the greater trumps.

Adapted from SidewalkOracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library.


Unknown said...

Hi Robert. I found out this week through my Instagram that the cover of your book here is of, quite possibly, my most favorite shop in the East Bay- Castle In the Air! Both you and the owner of that shop are a huge inspiration to me. To find out that you're linked somehow, crazy cool. Good luck with your new project!

Jean e Flynn said...

Hi Robert,

I am a big fan of yours! You have given me a language for the experiences I encounter around dreaming and day- dreaming. You inspired me to begin writing about how the Universe plays with us through symbols and how synchronicity is the affirmation we are on the right path. The title of this post "Sidewalk Tarot" is a coincidence in and of itself for me. Recently, I decided to go public with my Tarot reading offerings and start a blog to go along with it to entertain and explain how the symbols of the Tarot literally show up in my life. Thank you!
Love you, Jean Flynn

John Swan said...

Last night I walked past three sings written in chalk they said something to the effect that one must have ones tarot read down the street for the now.....literally a sidewalk tarot sign I just roared with laughter when I saw your phrase sidewalk tarot....I will go back and have my tarot read the next time I go there....thanks for the story John