Monday, October 22, 2012

Gabriel descending

Buşteni, Romania 

You can't see his brilliance in the sketch; his great wings of light swept our whole space, and charged us all. He came armored, in blue and gold, fanning the huge wings, when we asked for higher guidance and help to clear away shadows that beleaguered some of us, up here in the Bucegi Mountains, under the peak of Caraiman.
     I remembered how he came, unasked, when I was in the midst of a spiritual crisis 25 years ago, taking form as a winged being of light outside, on a sunny day, between the farmhouse where I was then living and the white oak tree where I had reached the decision to move here. He was so beautiful that I saw him as feminine rather than masculine, and wrote a song addressed to Gabrielle

My heart is a song that rises
It is the pure waterfall
that cleanses my paths
with tears of joy

"Gabrielle" is close to the Hebrew pronunciation of the angelic name.
     All three people of the Book - Jews, Christians and Muslims - know Gabriel, as a divine messenger and a patron of dreams and astral travel. In the Gospel of Luke, Gabriel is the one who tells Mary what will born into the world through her. In an old Celtic hymn he is called "the seer of the virgin".
     I know the angel is there, even when I forget to call on him.


Patricia said...

I just wrote on my blog last night about Gabriel.
I thought about you this morning and came to your blog to read. What I thought this morning was how you as a teacher for me allowed me this safe passage to fall in love with part of my mind I held captive in distain for so long. On the practical side of this, I am no longer over taken with dyslexia. I think falling in love with one self is a process of gathering the soul whole. I think soul delights in how we love ourselves and that spills over into relationship. I think it allows the waters to flow nicely and the senses to evolve deeper. said...

How beautiful are your words! Gabriel is there for so many of us, thank you for sharing so much of you with us.