Sunday, September 23, 2012

A pipe dream

I am strolling with a couple of genial male companions, talking about life. They are well-read and their humor and imagination are in fine working order. One of them is very like Mark Twain.
    We are all smoking pipes. I greatly enjoy the flavor of the mild golden tobacco I am smoking in my pipe. When it burns down, it leaves very fine white ash.
    I wake just after 3:00 AM with the taste of that pipe tobacco still in my mouth. I am surprised at how sweet and pleasing it is.

I haven't smoked a pipe in nearly four decades. I did smoke pipes as a student and junior professor, but found that they tended to leave my mouth dry and my throat sore. Also, when I gave way to temper, I had a habit of chomping down so hard that I snapped the stems.
    I am always interested when senses other than the visual come strongly into play in dreams. My taste buds were very active in this dream. The other interesting thing about my pipe dream is that I rose with clarity and energy to charge ahead with a huge job of work I'd been putting off. I sat down at my desk and labored without pause for nine hours.
    A "pipe dream", in common parlance, is an idle fantasy or vain hope. But I found that a pipe dream provided energy and focus for entirely practical matters. No, I will not take up pipe smoking in ordinary life. But I wouldn't mind smoking some more of that golden tobacco in my dreams, especially if my golden-tongued companions include Mark Twain.

GraphicRené Magritte, "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"


Gordon said...

I have a friend who told me yesterday about a dream where she met her father's grandfather. He was wearing a military uniform and wore a tonic that smelled like lemons. She described his appearance exactly to her father who only knew him as a boy and it was so long ago their are no photos of him. But, he remembered the lemon smell which, of course, had never been mentioned etc. The grandfather told her that all of her ancestors were watching her and helping her. She has seen him several times since.

Worldbridger said...

I sometimes find myself smoking cannabis in dreams - at least there it's not prohibited!

DavidInSeattle said...

Hello Robert. I was researching Nadia Duvan, last shaman of the Ulchi people of Siberia, communicating with a bear spirit in the picture below and was linked to your blog. David

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