Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silver wolf invites me to see how past life memories are selected

I am in a village of terraced houses, in Ireland or Britain a few centuries ago. I have come here to investigate my possible past life connections with a friend. This may be one of a number of excursions I have made overnight, to different landscapes in different times.
    I leave my friend in the village and walk a path towards the woods beyond the fields. The woods are lovely, deep and dark and inviting. But at the edge of the wildwood, something is moving. It is a black snake, slithering across the path, from right to left, at a diagonal. This snake is huge. When its head reaches the other side of the path, it straightens the body to move parallel to the path. I can now see at least twenty feet of its body, and more is coming.
   I hesitate. Though I don't think this snake is venomous, I'm not sure I want to get any closer. I am ready to turn back, when I see the head of a silver wolf among the shadows of the forest. The wolf is staring intently at me. I recognize a friend, and know it is safe, and maybe essential, to go forward.
   I step over the snake, as if it is merely a garden hose.
   At the instant I do this, I am transported to another level.
   The scene changes completely. I am now in some kind of vessel, like a spaceship or orbiting observation platform. Two men are working the control panels, under huge windows. One remains at his work. The other stands up quickly, to see who has entered their space. He is clearly very surprised to find me here, but also friendly and welcoming.
    I know, before words are exchanged, that this vessel is a "relay station" and that the work of its controllers is to supervise and help to select the past life memories that become accessible to people living on the Earth plane. I understand, in this moment, that it is very important that past life memories are meted out carefully, so that we are not overwhelmed by a rush of information and emotion that could bind or distract us in our present lives.

Feelings after the dream: Excited and full of active curiosity.

Reality check: I have again been studying our relations with personalities and dramas in other times, and how these can provide a context of meaning for current relationships and challenges. Silver Wold is a name I gave to a native shaman who can appear as man or wolf and gave me indelible instruction on the nature of various aspects of the soul and what happens to them after death. Black snakes have sometimes featured in my dreams as important boundary markers, between different worlds as well as different states of consciousness. To gain entry to an earlier time and fulfill an assignment in Celtic lands that once seemed urgently important to me (in a lucid dream followed by a shamanic journey) I once had to move beyond a seething mass of black snakes.

Action plan: Return to the "relay station", whenever possible, to learn more!


Worldbridger said...

Very evocative, I hope you are able to explore more of this area. By the way, I found your latest book to be excellent and very inspiring.

Carol Davis said...

An amazing journey... I wonder, was it your deep desire to learn more that helped to open the pathway to this relay station? The committment to study, to risk and to search, along with the willingness to trust good guides seems to play a role here. The relay station controller is surprised you found your way to this place.
If it is my dream, I notice that there is a timing, a pacing to the access to memory and perhaps to the learning more about this relay station as well as understanding more about my connections with friends. If I could get back to this station, I would want to talk with one of the controllers. Would he be willing to share a bit more about this place or timing/pacing? I would wonder if he knows anything about my history.

Robert Moss said...

Carol - Thanks for your knowing and helpful comments. Yes, our discoveries in the imaginal realm have a great deal to do with our courage and imagination and the direction of our studies. Yes (encore) I shall hope to learn more from the keepers of past life memory. In a first attempt at dream reentry, I succeeded in learning the name of one of the controllers.