Friday, July 6, 2012

The medieval inn between the worlds

My overnight travels take me to many places, across time and across dimensions. Before docking back in my default reality, in North American in 2012, I am given an overview of the geography involved. 
    While I hover in space, a giant screen or wall slides back, revealing hundreds of compartments, each one containing a locale I have visited, or will visit. I am reminded of looking into a doll's house when the back is opened, except that what is before me is vastly bigger and more complex. I realize I am being shown things in the way that a visitor from a higher dimension might see the world of ordinary human experience; to such a being, everything in our world would be an open book.
    I am drawn to one of the "compartments". When I enter this locale, I find myself in a pleasant medieval inn. There is a slight Disneyland feel to this environment; everything seems implausibly fresh and neat.
    I find the inn keeper, or ch√Ętelain. He has a love for the Middle Ages, but is not a medieval figure at all. His job is to maintain a kind of interdimensional safe house, a place where far travelers can pause for rest and refreshment between journeys to other places. He does not insist that all his visitors should adopt his neo-medieval style, but I notice that I am now wearing a doublet and hose.

- from last night's dreams. 

Graphic: a medieval pub in Nottingham, England, called Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

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