Monday, July 9, 2012

Beyond Lucid Dreaming on the air July 10th

My next "Way of the Dreamer" show on  is LIVE on Tuesday July 10th from 9:00-10:00 am Pacific time, which is 12:00-1:00 pm Eastern. This is the show where we learn to reclaim the power of dreams, coincidence and imagination as sources of energy,healing and guidance in our lives 

My guest for this show is dream researcher Ryan Hurd, who has made a special study of lucid dreaming and has published an excellent book on Sleep Paralysis distinguished by his suggestion that if you experience this phenomenon and can avoid panicking and relax and stay with it, you may find it is the portal to remarkable discoveries. I know this to be true, and commented on his approach in an earlier article.
     Ryan has recently produced a manual for lucid dreamers titled Lucid Immersion Guidebook and available for download. Ryan edits a lively blog, the Dream Studies Portal, and is contributor to and a board member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.   
     Themes we'll explore:
  • Why you don't have to work hard to enter a state of lucid dreaming
  • How to become more conscious in dreams and waking life
  • Why lucid dreaming is not the same thing as dream control
  • How lucid dreaming can increase emotional intelligence and heal old wounds
  • the nature of sleep paralysis and how to overcome night terrors
  • how ancient Asklepian practices can translate into powerful dreaming and dream healing today
You can access my radio show archive and download or listen to previous shows here.


Robert Moss said...

This was a wonderfully lively and wide-ranging interview. I give a taste of it at my other blog - - and may write more here. I especially enjoyed Ryan's account of how his mother taught him to see things beyond the physical, how he managed to overcome a dark presence in his teens by invoking his love for a girl, and how he sought to commune with the spirits of the land at a rock art site on a Nicaraguan island six years ago.

JoobJib said...

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nickmiddleton010 said...

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