Friday, May 25, 2012

Things Seen In My Dreams

Marc Chagall, "The Poet"

A black dog learning to drive a white car
A pleasure house in the realm of the Moon
A lion robe lined with the night sky
A druid in a raven cloak
The Journey to Absolute Knowledge
A telescope for viewing and correcting the future
The crown of an ancient king, heavy with battles
The Sun behind the Sun
The Mother of the Wolf Clan
Lovemaking with a lioness
The Dragon, aroused and gentled
Flying books
Friends and loved ones on the Other Side
Fourteen selves in fourteen mirrors
The House of Time
Yeats’s cottage on the Fourth Level of the Astral Plane
The Sisters of the Stones
My boy selves
A priestess-scientist of the future
A sleeping king who must be awakened
The game of worlds
The shape of my heart’s desire

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