Monday, May 14, 2012

Chinaberry gleam

Chinaberry Gleam

Gentle soul, the Spirit caught you up as a raptor
beating wings, and tore your flesh
and drew you through the night worlds
and hurled you into deeps where no sun shines
and the moon is a blind pulse, a drum unheard,
so you would learn to shine in your own light
so you would steer by your inner sun
so you could unwrite the book of Fate
so that, remembering, you move as a dancer among your kind,
in the world but not of it, not different and not the same,
sharing what you have lived at your heart's core:
love, and courage, the flash of the sea-horse racing waves,
the gleam of rain on a chinaberry tree.

Chinaberry photo by Mauraguanandi

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