Sunday, February 12, 2012

Split collusion, or the Fight Club of dreams

I am both protagonist and observer in a drama involving a contest between two men who are more than human. They fight their battles in different situations as two distinct individuals, possibly changing bodies. We are now approaching the climactic battle. They are no longer physically separate. They are warring inside one body. The stakes involved are now enormous. The final battle could result in "split collusion", which would emit a force greater than a thermonuclear explosion.
     The drama is unfolding in an area behind a busy commercial street, where a narrow road or alley leads to an area of garages, lofts and storage spaces. Special forces and SWAT teams have gathered, with snipers on the rooftops, but nobody knows how to handle this situation and any misstep could set off this human (or inhuman) bomb with devastating results.
     Watching the behavior of the subject from the outside is a bit like watching the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton character in the movie "Fight Club" when it's revealed that he has been fighting himself. I am aware of this when in observer mode. The figure clutches and pounds at his own body. But the real battle is going on inside.
      I am seeking to contain this by stepping in and out of the double mind. While "split collusion" could produce a terrible explosion, it could also - if harnessed and contained - turn this fellow into a prodigy for the good. As with the contest of the cosmic Twins, I don't think either element within him can be allowed to destroy the other.

I woke from this dream this weekend thrilled with excitement. So many possible threads to follow for self-understanding, and for understanding a larger theme, the eternal battle of the Dark and Light which cannot end unless the world is rolled up. I am intrigued by the previous unknown term "split collusion." Beyond analysis, I want to create from this.


Alex Cooke said...

I like it.

Karen Sharp said...

If it were my dream, I'd be really struck and fascinated by the term "split collusion".

I'd immediately think of the kinds of situations where people unconsciously collude together in a dynamic which does not enhance the wellbeing of any of the participants. They may each feel trapped, they may each feel like the other is the enemy, the problem, but the real "problem" is the collusion itself, and the unconsciousness of it.

If it were my dream, I'd wonder about healing the split by revealing and dismantling the collusion. I'd wonder about whether the illusion (co-illusion) has something to do with the limitations of the worldstories we have available to us, and what seems to be possible and what seems unimaginable because it's not within the story. (Like the SWAT team not knowing how to handle this kind of situation.)

In my dream of your dream, Robert, one of the connections I make is with the idea that these times we are in now involve many illusions being revealed. I notice well, in my dream of your dream, the warning about the risk of devastating results or the potential of great energy being made available. I see it pointing towards the risks and potential as the illusions in our society and our world are being dismantled, yet some people may be loathe to let go of the split, even as the story of collusion is undone and untold. In my dream of your dream, I wake up excited too, thinking about how to offer re-storying support to people struggling with the dismantling of their illusions.

This dream I have of your dream is very juicy and promising to me. I am also now immediately seeing 2 specific circumstances in my life right now, where I am fighting a co-illusion that's been breaking down, but I have been holding onto a falsely-antagonistic split all the same. The possibiility of re-storying these relationships fills me with excitement too, and rich promise for the energy resources available, if the dismantling is done with care and an observer's lovingly-detached perspective.

Wow, Robert. Thank you for sharing such a rich and promising dream!!