Friday, April 29, 2011

The lion wakes today

Back from the Baltic, my intention on going to bed last night was to dream into the residential gathering of active dreamers I am leading up on Gore Mountain this weekend.

I woke in the early light with the following dream:

I have to take a slight detour to get to my home on the mountain. As I round a corner, leading some of my friends and students, I am thrilled to see a great gathering of animals around a deck - red-tailed hawk and owl on the railing, deer and lynx and a golden bear with a white face on the grass, and two splendid maned lions, one stretched out and looking splendid in profile, the other just stirring from a nap.

Feelings: happy, confident, feeling the world is full of promise

Reality: I have little doubt my home on the mountain here is the place where I am heading today, where I have led gatherings of frequent flyers for 15 years and we have built a deep community that supports extraordinary healing, discovery and adventure.

A slight detour will be required, since torrential rains earlier this week washed away part of an access road.

African lions are unlikely to make a literal appearance in this rural American landscape. But I have felt close to the lion since boyhood, I once lived at a place I called Lion's Head Farm (with a corresponding carved and painted sign) and there is a splendid lion image on the cover of my new book.

Yesterday evening, playing my coincidence card game with another group, I also asked for guidance on the Gore Mountain weekend. I drew a message about the very physical-seeming presence of another of the big cats. The card I drew (written by a man from what he saw and experienced during my first drumming session) read as follows:

The tiger on the path is powerful, instinctual and feral. I feel hums of energy, especially in my face, chest and stomach - a pulse. I am awake.

I told the group last night I would act on this by being sure to bring through the energy of the animal spirits into the body over the weekend. That will certainly be my action plan when I am home on the mountain. The lion wakes today.


Jane Carleton said...


Pille said...

Lions, leopards, cats: they all hunt at night just like dreamers do :) Thats why cats and big cats come to dreamers!
One day I was driving to home and noticed a man with motorcycle driving in front of me with big leopard picture on the back of his jacket. The same moment a song started from radio, having words like: cloud is formed like a big cat, streching her back...

Robert Moss said...

That's a very good thought, Pille. And the synchronicity of the leopard on the jacket being greeted by the song cat in the clouds feels like the tickle of secret whiskers from behind the curtain of ordinary life.

Robert Moss said...

JaneE - You are no stranger to the big cats. I often think of your brave experience with Fire Leopard - when you journeyed back to your 14-year-old self to help heal and support her, during one of our workshops - when I consider what becomes possible through trans-temporal healing.

John Swan said...

I recently drew a picture of a lion whose body was a seed of life, the intersection of seven circles, and then the next day I went to a movie called the The Elephant in the Living Room which was about a man who had African Lions that he could let go of because he loved them so much

Before I went I was unaware of what the movie was about
but when I did view the movie it was all about lions in captivity

So when I came to your site I was perked by the notion that you were talking about lions..the thing about the pictures that I make, is that I try to do them with felt pens without using any intent..I try to suspend my ego and just let my conscious mind observe what I am doing and not direct what I am doing ..this allows another aspect of my mind to express itself and what has come out of that is something I never considered possible but the images a lot of times ore precognitive of what will happen in the future.. similar to a dream but it is in the drawing and the lion picture was the most obvious case of it since I began noticing these precogntive events surrounding the images in my drawings. In fact to be honest I had started to address the entity that I had drawn as a spirit that wanted to be materialized through my hands with the felt pens, before I saw the movie It was a very strong presence and then the next day I go to a movie about lions which made me realize that the spirit I was connecting with was the lion that had died in the movie
I realize this is hard to believe but for me considering my experiences I believe it to be truth
Just wanted to share that
But I am exploring this whole thing with drawing with colored felt pens and the images that appear John