Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Death card speaks

I am Death. I bring a term to everything. I mock your vanities, yet I also give you the limits that make your achievements matter. I am your beginning as well as your end.

I give you straight-edged clarity, sharp as a razor. I give you the chance to find courage. In my presence, what fear can the risks of your ordinary life hold for you?

Surely you feel me now, at your left shoulder. I will tell you what you need to know, but only if you let me put my noose around your neck.

I am the bridge between the tame land and the wild. I was made by your hand but I am the making or unmaking of your kind.

If you fear the crossing I narrow and rock back and forth. If you seek to avoid what lies on the other side, it will meet you on the bridge, in the form you most dread.

The face I will show you is the one you will choose for me, knowingly or unknowingly. Choose wisely.


Raymond's Work said...

Hello Robert, I watched the movie Perfume, for the first time two nights ago. The synchronicity of your Death Card poem amplifies the message of the movie magnificently for me.

nina said...
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Diana said...

Wow. Succinct and powerful message.
Speaks to me that the Tarot deck that is emerging from you wants to come into the world.

Robert Moss said...

Diane - Thanks for the goad to get on and finish my own tarot deck (and the book that will go with it).

Robert Moss said...

Nina - Thanks for this deliciously scary story about the conditions for enlisting Lady Death as a helper. Is this a Slovak tale?

Thanks, too, for sharing your scary personal experience and for the courage you evinced in seeing it through.

Irène said...

Reading this, I fell Death on my left shoulder. I pulled this card during the last workshop Robert gave in France. And now I feel the noose around my left ankle (that I recently broke falling from my horse, my power animal). And I now remember that at the very end of this same workshop, all alone in the now cleaned-up workshop space, I wondered where I would go next and I stuffed my foot into my right riding boot and broke the "healing" egg (proposed to the group by Robert) that I put there, not initially knowing what to do with it. ... Now I know why this happened.

Robert Moss said...

Irene - Yes, I remember that strange business of breaking the egg inside the boot now. And of asking, rather insistently, what it might mean. I am so sorry that your fall from the horse, and the broken ankle, followed this incident. We can learn from this incident. As we grow our perception of how things move towards manifestation, and how that process is announced in dreams and through synchronicity, sometimes we can only read the messages en clair with hindsight, after the physical incident has followed the preview or first sketch. But if we continue to track these sequences with care, we'll develop our own tracking skills to the point where we'll have a much better chance of avoiding an unwanted future event.

I can't help thinking that the broken egg in the shoe, followed by the broken ankle, is an example of the wisdom in Pauli's suggestion that we should use the term "isomorphy" rather than "synchronicity". "Isomorphy" means similarity or identity in form or shape. The materials and context may be different, but the form returns, sometimes again and again.

Warm wishes for rapid healing.

nina said...
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