Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ankh at the heart

I am asked to find a symbol for the heart.
    It comes immediately. It is a standing ankh, silver-bright. Waters stream over and around it. I know that its gift is neverending life.
     I remember drinking healing waters from a vessel shaped like an ankh, and holding such a vessel to the lips of those in need of strength or healing.
     I remember an ancient baptism: an ibis-headed god of the Moon and of writing pours the waters of life over the chosen initiate.

     How often have I seen the ankh in the hands of deities, grasping it by the loop, giving meaning to the name the Romans gave it: crux ansata, the handled cross, the cross you can handle.
     The essence of male and female are wound together in its form. Here are the knot of Isis and the djed pillar of Osiris, the womb and the phallus or backbone of the bull.
     I remember other uses for this eternal symbol of life. Of looking through the loop, as through a viewfinder, into the world-behind-the-world.
     Gratefully, I say the old, old words.

Anouk ankh
Anouk mer
Anouk ma'at

I am life
I am love

I am truth

     From life to life, from world to world, there are forms that return.

1. Ankh at the Heart. Drawing by RM
2. Thoth the Baptist
3. The Goddess gives Ankh


Paris4TheFirstTime said...

Beautiful! Healing! Hopeful!

Lesley Chiles said...

Yep x

Eugene Wilde said...

Something in me wanted to check your blog out right now. And so i did and found this nifty post. You are the man, robert.

Eugene Wilde said...

As i posted that. The word nifty stood out. And i wondered if there are any egyption gods starting with nif. I found the name. Nephthys. Am i far reaching here? Haha. Anyhow also a female and a protector of the dead. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephthys