Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wake up and dream

Did you really say that your dreams have nothing to do with reality? You are in real trouble when your reality has nothing to do with dreams.

Instead of trying to interpret dreams according to everyday assumptions, use dreams to interpret the confused messages of everyday life.

You have a poet hidden inside you. In dreams, your poet makes worlds. He is not hiding from you, you spent years hiding from him. Let him walk with you in your world and your world will change. You will smell colors. You will hear voices in stones. You will find a universe in a flower. You will meet a goddess at a traffic light.

 Everything is waiting for you to wake up. You thought you were dreaming in your sleep, but while your body slept your soul was awake. Right now, as you go about your day, your soul is dozing. Wake up and dream.

- from "Maxims of the Hidden Poet" by Robert Moss

Paintings by Toyen (1) Sleeping (1937) (2) Dream (1937)


Leigh said...

Where does one find Maxims of the hidden poet?

Robert Moss said...

Thanks for asking, Leigh. Not published yet, but on its way.