Monday, January 4, 2016

Social dreaming

Dreaming is social as well as individual, transpersonal as well as personal. I am still thinking about all the people - as yet unknown to me in ordinary life - I was with in several social settings in dreams over the weekend. When I am off the road, leading a very quiet and private life, I am far more social in dreams than in regular life. Yes, this could be "compensation", as Jung understood it, yet I think these are also entirely real interactions.    

Try to ask me what part of me the other characters may represent and you might get me to play the game, but without conviction, because my feelings lead me elsewhere.  So I have to figure out whether the mature brunette in the blue suit, who persuaded me to give those seminars for hip young people in some organization, figures only in a parallel reality and/or will show up in my future in this one. And whether I'll run into that journalist with the well-trimmed red beard in physical life.

This is not a dream report but simply a note on a theme. However, if you were to insist on the rules of Lightning Dreamwork and ask for my feelings after my social dreams over the weekend I would say that I was excited and full of happy anticipation.

For much more on social and shared dreaming, please see my book Active Dreaming.

Photo: Dream sharing at Mosswood Hollow by RM

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