Friday, November 20, 2015

Directions for Travel through a Snail Shell

Which way is the direction of love?
Choose carefully before you turn the spiral key;

worlds within worlds are waiting.
The Blue Lady reminds you that to be great
you may need to become inconceivably small.

The sea snail gives you a pattern

you saw long ago in the eyes of a goddess.
An austere time lord who cannot be bribed

may explain it to you by drawing lines
in soft powder from a termite mound.

Turning and turning you enter a universe

where mountain spirits whisper like grasshoppers.
To follow the true direction of love

you must speak in the language of smells and tastes,
and make every nerve ending an organ of delight.

You must create the door and the keyhole
to fit the spiral key you now turn the other way.
Aphrodite was born on a half shell.
You must do better. You must play the shell game

in the foam of worlds in the making.

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Kenneth Parker said...

I am fully enjoying your BLOG, Robert. I learned Lucid Dreaming (and Astral Travel) from Jane Roberts (especially Seth, Dreams and Projection of Consciousness, but also Nature of the Psyche). But I REALLY like your post, on this topic. (I found your BLOG, due to your 2010 post, on Oversoul Seven (also by Jane Roberts). Thank you!