Monday, April 22, 2013

Making Songlines

A song is bursting from me. I sit on a rise overlooking the coast, and sing the first couplet:

We are singing till we're flying
We are flying till we're swimming

The last part comes in an easy flow

We are swimming till we're traveling
into the Land

A woman singer-songwriter is beside me now, carrying the melody in her lovely voice, laughing with me as I experiment with additional lines.

We are laughing till we're bouncing
We are bouncing till we're flying

I know what this is. It's a wing song, a journey song. I am excited to think that I can share it right away with the people who are joining me for a week-long adventure here, on this dreaming part of the coast where I have led many adventures before.
    I know what the Land of the song is. It is a happy Otherworld, a land of heart's desire. And the song can help to take us there. We are making songlines.

I woke from this dream, after less than three hours sleep (because I was happily working on a new book, and new art, all night) juiced and happy. When I lay down after 5:00 a.m., I set no intention for dreaming except to rise with even greater creative energy. I was given that energy, and a song to carry it. I decided to start the day by making a picture of "Making Songlines", a quick drawing in oil crayons distantly inspired by the Aboriginal art of my native country.
    Oh yes, I recognize the dream location. It's the Esalen Institute, where I am leading my five-day "Dreamgates" adventure - a prime desination for frequent flyers in the multiverse - in November. Yes (encore) I will carry the song with me.

"Making Songlines". Drawing in oil crayons April 22, 2013 (c) Robert Moss


Patricia said...

Thank you for this rich flowing word song. These words, the Land of the song, call in laughter for me. Last night I said to someone with this name I can't find yet and might not be culturally connected, "I am working with the birds now". A large bird flew in up on a ridge. Yesterday I created this game that I am going to practice before I offer it in a family group at Children's Hospital that involves having one person step into the middle of a circle. You have movtived me to take just a little more time this morning and draw before i go to the clinic.

Robert Moss said...

When I draw I feel the boy artist in me grow stronger and happier, and then I can draw on his energy and creativity throughout the day.

W. H. Langeman said...

I attended Robert's seminar at Esalen several years ago which was great fun in a beautiful place.

Jeni Hogenson said...

You know this territory very well, but I just recently made the link between creativity, feeling juiced with energy and how it brings more energy, joy, and renewed vigor. If I'd only listened to you earlier, eh? Ah, but we only know things when we know them and not before. And now with this discovery in hand I'm making changes in my life to grow that creative river inside. Thank you dear Robert for your inspiration and example!