Friday, November 27, 2020

Baldieri's Football

Every morning, whenever possible, I draw a scene in my art journal from one of my nocturnal excursions. Some of these take place in sleep dreams that may or may not become lucid dreams. Many begin, usually quite spontaneously, in the space between sleep and awake, in the zone of hypnagogia. I have decided I will start posting more of my drawings here, together with brief accounts of the adventures that inspired them. Here is my account of what happened when I was lying in a state of relaxed attention that I sometimes call "horizontal meditation" around 4 in the morning today

November 27, 2020
Baldieri's Football
I am moving along a broad avenue that feels like a processional way. On either side are groups of royals and nobles who remind me of the courts of the tarot. They are waving me on towards what looks like a medieval city. It is floating in the sky, maybe fifty feet up. Tethered to the Earth by just a simple pinkish cord that looks like wool.
The nobles bow and wave me forward. I see that immense crowds are gathered, for the send-off for a man who was a public idol. The city is no longer visible. Instead I see a shiny-dark house-sized ovoid, also tethered to the ground by the pink string. A hatch opens and I see a well-furnished interior, leather upholstery, wooden panels. This is for deceased hero. His name is Antonio Baldieri.
Maybe he was a football star, like the recently departed Argentine player. But his craft is not shaped like a soccer ball. It’s like the balls used in American football or rugby.
Feelings: very curious
Reality: I don't know an Antonio Baldieri and Auntie Google gave me no interesting matches. I have observed that ovoid is a popular shape for interdimensional travel. I describe a group shamanic journey in an ovoid vessel to the intelligences of another star system in my book Dreamgates. Some dreamers who have made journeys to meet loved ones on the Other Side have found them living for a time in football-shaped mini-worlds.

RM Journal Drawing: "Baldieri's Football"

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