Friday, June 16, 2017

Through the blue fire

Picture this: You are in a pleasant classroom, with people you enjoy. This isn’t like regular school. You are presented with amazing books. When you open one, you enter a different world. You are instructed to swim with mermaids, or to sing with an ancient tree. You are guided down into a Cave of the Ancestors where you place your hands on a wall and great painted beasts come alive and you take their forms. 
     You’ve been in this school since you were very small, though your adult self may have skipped or forgotten most of the classes.
     Now you are waking up to what dreaming can be. You’re eager to make up for all the dreams you lost, and get to graduate school. The way forward leads through blue fire. You hesitate, watching the electric blue of the leaping flames. You are encouraged by a teacher with a twinkle in his eye, and by the presence of those lovely classmates who feel like family. You go dancing through the blue fire.
     Now you are in a different landscape, green as the first day. You are welcomed by music, achingly beautiful songs. A scholar city rises before you. Its learned name is Anamnesis, which means Soul Remembering. You can call it simply the School of Soul. You come here to remember what soul is, and what soul knows, and how to bring more of vital soul into every aspect of life.
    Distinctions made in the ordinary world don’t count for anything here. Great teachers and creators and beloved ancestors who were said to be dead are very much alive. The only time is Now.
    Oh look! Beyond the main building, with its strange clock, students of all ages are learning to fly. Some are choosing their rides – a dragon, a flying tiger, a winged horse. Some are turning into bird people or flying Superman style. You know they’ll be safe. Everything is closely watched by the head of security, who appears to be a lovely little girl about five years old. But you know she has been around for longer than the Moon.

This is my invitation to join The Dreamer's School of Soul, my new online course for The Shift Network. Classes begin on July 12 and run for six months, during which you'll find yourself in the company of gifted and questing spirits from all over the world map, supporting each other's soul journeys.  
    What's that? You're going through a dream drought? And you don't notice much magic in the round of your days? Don't worry: you have a world-class dreamer inside you who is ready to help you reopen your dream gates. This is the child in you who is the beautiful dreamer and knows the magic of making things up. She is going to come out to play with you. And she will be accompanied by the Wise One, a timeless aspect of the Greater Self.
    We’ll share in cutting-edge new work involving parallel worlds, time travel, reality creation and exploration of the multiverse and the multidimensional self.  You may awaken to the fact that some of your dreams are glimpses of continuous lives you are living in parallel worlds, where you made different choices. You may then find it possible to reach into those parallel lives and bring gifts and lessons for your current life.
    You will be able to meet members of your soul family who are living in other times and other dimensions. You’ll be aroused to understand that all times – past, future and parallel – are accessible to you Now, and may be revisioned and reshaped for the better. You’ll learn how to travel, hyper-awake and conscious, to connect with other aspects of your multidimensional self, and with a Higher Self at the hub of these many lives.
    You are being called to a path of real magic, which is the art of bringing gifts from another world into this one. Follow this road, and you will find that there is a champagne fizz of magic in the air every day.

You can listen to a free one-hour introduction to the new course, "Dream Journey to Your Soul" on Wednesday, June 21. Please invite friends who may be ready to join you!

Art: "He Sees" by Reet Kalamees

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