Saturday, December 24, 2016

Notes for the Road

To find yourself you must lose yourself.
The One you are seeking is not inside you.
You are inside the One.

To be present in every time
you must be here, now.
Now is the center of all times.

Here, now, you can step on and off
the trains to past and future
and travel on parallel lines.

To get to a place you do not know
you must go by a way you do not know.
Burn your maps to make beacons.

To wake up, you must dream.
Without dreams, you are a sleepwalker
who could join the ranks of the living dead.

There will be monsters, of course,
dark dwellers at every new threshold.
Without them, how could you be ready to pass?

In dealing with demons, you must learn
to choose the forms of your worst fears
and laugh at your creations.

If you wish to see marvels around you
you must carry marvels within.
A mirror can't show you what you don't bring.

The gates of the Otherworld open
from wherever you are. Don’t think
you have to drink jungle juice with anacondas.

Put your blade away, dragonslayer.
You only conquer the dragon when you raise it
and ride it and turn its energy towards Light.

Turn out the lights if you want to find the Light.
The visible is the skin of the invisible.
In the dark, it is easier to see with inner eyes.

Don’t list the Trickster among your demons.
He is your friend if you expect the unexpected
Everything interesting happens on the boundaries.

If you want to be fully alive, be ready to die.
How about now? You feel the cool breath
of Death on your neck. Give him some foreplay.

To find the One, don't spurn the many
Name only one God, and you’ll always end up with two.
Seek the nameless behind the forest of names.

Make your confessions on the road
not from behind a curtain. The hawk will hear you
and the rabbit, the lily and the stone.

Walk on the mythic edge. Let your life
become a stage for divine events.
Notice what neverending story is playing through you.

Look after your poetic health.
Notice what rhymes in a day, and a life.
Follow the logic of resemblances.

Practice real magic: Follow the passions of your soul
and bring gifts from the Otherworld into this one.
You’ll regret what you left undone –

the fence you wouldn’t jump, the dream you didn’t follow –
more than anything you did when your cool lover
stops licking your neck and takes you in his full embrace.

Photo: Path in Transylvania (c) Robert Moss


frances gilley said...


Unknown said...

Thanks, Robert, so lover's embrace under the skin of the invisible. Jump off the fence, you say ;-)

EQS NOX said...

So the monsters can be a sign that we are at new thresholds? I've been having some real doozy nightmares. Trying to take your counsel to not run from the scary but that's easier said than done in the dark of the dark night when the monsters seem more real than a few hours later in the light of morning.

Also, your photo is fabulous!

Will be re-reading this piece, turning it over & over like a worry stone.

nina said...

It´s none of my business, but there is one beautiful and efficient practice called Feeding Your Demons. It was developed by Tsultrim Allione and it is based on the principles of chod.
Just 5 simple steps:
1. Find a demon you want to work with and find a place in your body where you feel it, intesify the feeling and characterise it.
2. Imagine your demon as a person and ask three questions: What do you want from me? What do you need from me, How will you feel, if you get, what you need?
Then you must sit on demon´s chair.
3. Now you are the demon and as the demon you answer three questions: I want from yo ....,
4. Go back to your place, dissolve your body into nectar, which contains the quality of a feeling the demon would have, if his need was satisfied. Feed the demon until it is full. When you finished feeding and there is any being present, ask him/her, if they are your allies. If not, just invite one. Ask questions (one or all): How will you help me? How will you protect me?, What will you promise me?, How can I obtain an access to you?
Again exchange the place, become the ally and give responses to the questions. Return to your place and let the ally dissolve in you.
5.Rest in that state of mind and dissolve into the void. Or just let your mind relax as long as you want.
My experience is that if we take care of our demons in the waking state, dreams will naturally reflect the change. But of course it also works the other way round.

EQS NOX said...

Nina, Thanks. I will try this.

You commented on another RM blog post & I appreciated what you said there too. (I read so many in one sitting, I can't remember now which one.)

Peggy Bartlett said...

Oh so lovely. Thanks from my heart...

Peggy Bartlett said...

Oh so lovely. Thanks from my heart...

Unknown said...

Beautiful soul full inspiring words ;-) Thank you