Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing the hand

The other player looks like a shaggy Merlin, but seems to have forgotten his arts. He stares at the glowing blue pentacle that is the latest key, and prepares to replicate its shape in midair with magical passes. I nudge him to recall what he did "last time", when the key looked like a blue lotus. He places his hand over the pentacle, and his palm is a match. 
     I have to help him avoid losing these games decisively, while I avoid outright victory, because our contest must go, across eons of time. I recall more of the people we have been, and will be.
     But this is quite a complex pattern. So I go outside and roll in the grass with my little dog. Simple is good.

Feelings: cheerful and happy after this morning dream.
Reality: Yes.

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