Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Wind and the Book: Spontaneous Dream Transfer

We can gift a dream to someone in need of a dream. This may be a healing image, a vision of life possibility, or even a road into the afterlife. I have developed a focused technique that I call Dream Transfer or Vision Transfer which is explained in several of my books, including Dreamways of the Iroquois.
    Sometimes a very wonderful dream transfer is accomplished effortlessly, when we find we have the right dream to give to another person, either the right dream about that person, or a dream of power we can invite them to share.
     When I was writing my book Dreaming the Soul Back Home, a European friend, visiting family in the United States, called me and asked how it was coming along. I replied that I had not done much focused writing of book drafts, but that I was relaxed because my whole life experience was feeding this book, and the deadline was still a few weeks away, which seemed like a very long way off to me. As a former journalist - and student - I don't really believe in deadlines until they are so close I have to pull an all-nighter.
     "I don't think you need to worry," my friend said. "I dreamed that you were in a magnificent grove of trees, holding a bunch of typed pages. You decided to take a nap.
     "A magical wind whipped up, carried the pages out of your hands and took them swirling round and round in the air. Finally the wind placed the pages on your belly. You woke up, examined the pages, and exclaimed with joy, 'That's it! My book is done!'"
     I declared that I would make this dream my own, and let it become my creative reality.
     That is exactly what unfolded. When I sat down to work on my new book, the pages flew together. Some flew from my journals, some from this blog, others seemed to come whirling down the chimney or through the skylight.
     I felt that the wind from the dream was with me. I clasped the printouts of my book pages and said, "My book is done!" and hit the Send button to get the digital version winging its way to my editor.
     I am going to call on that dream and that magical wind when my next book deadline is creeping up in the calendar.

Art by  Irene Alexeeva. inspired by Vladimir Kush

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