Friday, March 15, 2013

Strange sky and a plot against the government


What is going on in the sky? Great thunderheads move like wings, then like giant fists, and between them there are swirls of orange light. I am awed, not afraid, walking this road in high, stony country. One of my companions says we need to look very carefully, through gaps in the clouds, beyond the swirls, for a distant point in the sky. What is happening in the clouds, and major events that are coming in our world, originate from there.


Next, in broad sunlight, I am in a stadium packed with excited people. Some of these people know me and welcome me, making room for me to sit with them. I am wearing a light, broad-brimmed summer hat with a chin strap, very Aussie. I am glad to be with these people, even though we are packed in tight. They may want me to make a speech.


Now it's night, and I am at an airfield where a secret operation is being prepared. There is a big dark military helicopter on the tarmac, propellers turning. There are lots of tough men - 250 of them - in civilian clothes. I know they are soldiers, even though they are not in uniform or carrying automatic weapons, though a few have sidearms visible on their belts. I see a man I know going to talk to someone on the chopper.
    I call out his name, and he turns to me, a sandy-haired man in a light blue windbreaker with a slight Southern accent. I ask him what's going on, and he tells me this airfield is a "staging area" from which the soldiers will be sent on for their mission. He says "the states have a different viewpoint from the government." It suddenly hits me that the secret operation under way here may not be against a foreign enemy, but against the U.S. government, and it may need to be stopped.

I woke from this dream today rather detached, though as I thought about what was going on I became quite troubled about the idea that there could be a plot against the U.S. government involving people with military resources and political power at state level. I don't think I was my present self in the scene at the airport. I seemed to be much younger, maybe working undercover to expose and stop a conspiracy.

However, I was probably my present self - or a close counterpart - in the scene at the stadium, because yesterday I took delivery of the Aussie-style summer hat I was wearing there. That becomes a time marker. If events in this dream could manifest in the future, literally or symbolically, it would be at a time when I might be wearing that hat, as in summer.

My intention, before I went to bed in the early hours today, was the same as the night before: to explore the nature of "far memory", as in memories of other or parallel life experiences. I think I may have succeeded in entering the experience of a parallel self in the airport scene. I very much hope that the plot he seemed to be monitoring is not one that will be hatched in the United States in ordinary reality.

I notice an interesting transition between my dreams from yesterday and those of today, flowing from the common intention of exploring memories of other and parallel lives. Yesterday I seemed to be in the body and situation of an American teen helping President Obama to dry the dishes after a simple private lunch. Today I seemed to be in the body and situation of a young adult American male trying to head off a militarist conspiracy against the government. Maybe my teen alter ego grew up a few years overnight...


Sue said...

Your sharing of your dreams is fascinating.

That first part I read made me think of chemtrails straight away. Ugh. I wish those things were a conspiracy theory but I see them spraying with my own eyes, and they are not contrails.

Was there a stage in the stadium? I thought of the stadium when you talked about the military man talking about a "staging area". I wonder if the two are linked somehow?

I wouldn't mind at all a coup of the US government. I wouldn't even call them a government anyway, more a multi-national corporation :)

Robert Moss said...

Oh-uh, please re-think that last para, Sue. There are so many gun-toting crazies around in the U.S. that this is not a joking matter.

Sue said...

It would probably read better if you insert laconic Australian humour, Robert (which doesn't come across on a blank screen) :)

You are so right. But from where I sit, I don't know who is crazier - the gun-toting crazies or that government. I think that there is very little that is as it appears. But that's beside the by.

Thanks for your blog. I read one of your books a few weeks ago (The Secret History of Dreams) and it was fascinating. I've subscribed for so long to the Jungian interpretation of dreams that it was refreshing to read another version of things.

Robert Moss said...

Sue - I am not a stranger to laconic Australian humo(u)r; it's in my genes and my upbringing. But I must tell you I hesitated about posting the blog with today's dreams because there really are some very strange things crawling about in the political undergrowth here.

The Secret History of Dreaming is where I let the history professor in me play with the dream teacher and shamanic dreamer. You may want to take a look at some of my other 8 books on dreaming and shamanism, which are far more experiential and unfold the practice of what I call Active Dreaming. I am quite appreciative of Jung (see especially my section titled "The Dream Shaman of Switzerland" in Dreaming the Soul Back Home) but like Jung himself, I am not a Jungian.

valerie said...

This dream is reminding me of a dream I had where the clouds became faces and I was not sure who was attacking , people from out of space or our own own people. I think i sent you a copy of the sketch from a few months ago. I have had many similiar dreams, of unrest in the country and the governmen going against the people and the people going against the government. Since I dislike politics I rarely share dreams of that nature. But since you brought it up. I must admit a certain dread was there as well. I also pray for nothing to happen but in my dreams when when it does I am there helping people in any way I can. Wish I could put a happy ending on this feeling but if I did it would not be truthful.

Robert Moss said...

Valerie - Yes, I remember your powerful drawing of those horrible faces in the clouds, and sharing the sense that this was a vision of the forces that help to sow conflict and hatred between humans. I continue to believe that any future we can see, individual or collective, is a possible (not inevitable) future and that as active dreamers we can help to navigate and choose a better future.

Raven Dana said...

Last night I also had a dream of sudden dark clouds low to the ground, then a green skt with orange lightening and a tornado. I wasn't afraid but watched until the last second then took cover ...followed by a dream of wearing a black jumpsuit, being one of a team of undercover operatives,with peculiar weapons like sticks that shot sound.. trying to stop a the militia from taking over a town...Disconcertingly similar..

Robert Moss said...

Raven - I am hoping we were both dreaming a movie preview rather than a literal scenario. Since I posted my blog, I received a message from someone who has seen a trailer for a movie titled "Olympus Has Fallen" which seems to have some elements in common with both our dreams. This struck me forcibly because the picture I posted at the top of my blog shows storm clouds over Mount Olympos (the one in Turkey, not Mountain Olympus in Greece, but near enough).

palimpsest said...

A fascinating exchange.

You, Robert, and members of your "dream circle," are clearly dreaming a potential future. Your excursions into "Far Memory" seem to have pursued that construct literally, revealing possible recollections of a more proximal future from a still farther time. Most compellingly, this retrospective future is cast from multiple perspectives, as if recruiting a complex of cohort souls.

There is urgency to these dreams. Contrary to what might have been your purpose in conjuring "far memory," they appear to constitute a separate category, perhaps countermanding your intention to evoke dreams that would limn personal material.

I, too, have had such dreams and visions of an evolving zeitgeist: some, very vivid, were set in a past that begged a future yet to be realized. Lately my dreams have become like a feverish workshop in which I'm being tutored in the nature and properties of a new "shared mind."

May I suggest that you set aside some space in your blog for the consideration of "zeitgeist" dreams such as these, and perhaps other paranormal experiences, that refer to the collective and not to the dreamer's personal growth or healing?

As your sober reflections on these dreams indicate, you view them with great seriousness. I hear too many people speaking blithely about the prospect of revolution, or who smugly malign the imperfect but necessary--and tractable--institutions of our time, including the UN. (I was sitting by a fire the other night when a young man, in a startling non-sequitur, branded that institution "a bunch of a-holes." There is too much hyperbolic and unfounded fear-mongering on the internet, and it has become all to easy for the bottom feeders to become restive victims. The new "consumer" is browsing information, not fashion and electronics: those are merely distractions.)

Please excuse my prolixity...I meant to make this short, but I consider this premonitory province of the dream world, calling to us so plangently, too vital not to have its own dedicated forum.

Our future may depend on it.

(With great force--of far memory--John Wyndham's "The Chrysalids" just broached my mind. Are you familiar?)

Robert Moss said...

Hey Palimpsest - Let me say gently that I won't make time to respond to comments of this length and prolixity. As for monitoring collective dreams in relation to reading future changes, yes of course this is important. I have done quite a lot of this in other forums over the years, mostly available only to members who are known to me and use personal names. You'll find much relevant material in my book DREAMING TRUE. This is my personal blog, and I post here what pleases me and hopefully entertains and arouses others.

James Wilson said...

Hello Robert,
Maybe I can cheer up the atmosphere a little bit with my dream?
In the night of 15-16 March I had a dream where (coincidentally)president Obama was a part of.

It was a short part of a longer dream. I was on the road with an old friend of mine and an unknown person. During our tour we encountered the following spectacle.
President Obama stood in front of a big crowd and behind him stood a wide line of people (it were mainly people with a brown skin)
President Obama spoke to the crowd before him.
The people behind him looked as if they came from a time past.(in terms of clothing and appearance)
Obama gave a speech in a style that reminded me of preaching that Reverends did in America in the years 50-60. The same kind of words and in the same tone.
His speech was very different than I am used. It was a very religious speech in which he thanked several times Jesus. And every time he thanked Jesus (he did this very passionate) the people behind him repeated him in Ecstasy (thank the Lord, thank Jesus ... etc etc) The people behind him were increasingly in Ecstasy, the crowd for him remained calmer.

In any way, the atmosphere there was very happy and very cheerfully.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert,

I feel sure that parallel universes exist as a continuum of possibilities, with for instance, military conflict on one end and contankerous disagreement at the other. Hopefully the probability is at the less dramatic end of the spectrum.

I think your second dream points to the blurring of empathic boundaries between people as it seems easier and easier nowadays to see through other's eyes and become as them if one so wishes. Of course this could present a lot of problems for people when they don't know what is going on and experience a loss of their familiar identity. That's why, in my opinion, consciously witnessing the dreaming of such experiences is so valuable. It becomes a skill that matches the requirement of the times.

Preston said...

Looking at part II, if it were my dream, I might interpret it as a choice,... Calling to lead a collective of dream ? specialists to stage a brighter alternative presented in the previous mix/ clouds. I might also review other presidential dreams for possible relation... Than you too for your book, Conscious Dreaming, it provides a fascinating entry/structure for my evolving journeys.