Monday, November 19, 2012

The last sunset

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

The dreamers who joined me for a five-day adventure at Esalen last week were eager to meet Death. Many had encountered deceased relatives and loved ones and were eager to learn more about conditions in the adjacent world where the departed are at home. Most were intrigued by the idea that we can approach life choices with greater courage and clarity when we have had a close-up encounter with our personal Death and can view our decisions as if Deah is standing at our left shoulders.
    After a rich day of deep exploration, including journeys to the Other Side, we agreed would wait until after sunset to put ourselves in the presence of Death and respond to the questions that Death mayput to us. As the sun lowered over the sea, we were gifted with the most extraordinary show of light and color that I have ever seen.

     The sky was filled with wings. "An angel sky," someone pronounced.   
      "A great night to die," we agreed.

      "Incontrovertible evidence of heaven on earth," exclaimed a friend who saw some of the pictures I took.

For what the questionnaire of Death contains - and the possible terms for negotiating a life extension - please see my book Dreamgates.


cobweb said...

Hi Robert
Could you tell me the date these photos were taken?
Many thanks

Robert Moss said...

November 14, 2012