Friday, December 9, 2011

Robin Hood, Changing Woman & the Battle of Britain

I am walking with companions across hills and fields with a view to London and the English Channel. A war is being waged in the air. Though the main battles are far away, large pieces of debris – and small airplanes that look no bigger than crop dusters, some even smaller – come crashing down around us.

There is no sense of panic. The falling planes and pieces of metal seem to be coming down very slowly, slowly enough to dodge them even if they are coming straight at us. I do this several times. Their substance also seems softer than shrapnel or metal. I feel I could push them away with my hand as if they were merely cardboard or felt (and may do this too).

I lead my group down into London, to a square near the dockyards. No sign of modern traffic congestion. We gather a great group of people, mostly women, in the square. We sign and dance in a circle. Around us, at the cardinal directions, heraldic devices are set up on posts. We are singing and dancing to bring change.

I lead the group in singing an old song of Changing Woman

There is a woman who weaves the night sky
See how she spins, see her fingers fly
She is within us from beginning to end
Our Grandmother, sister and friend
She changes everything she touches
Everything she touches changes

The women, in particular, love this. We spin faster and faster, turning deosil (to the right). Then I pause the group, and step into the center of the great circle.

I notice with clarity, for the first time, the devices set up on the post that is now facing me; I think this is on the north side of the circle.

There are the words “ROBIN” and “AIR”, separate, and in capitals. There is a symbol that at first appears to be an anchor but I think is a bow and arrow. With a thrill of excitement I realize that these devices are related to Robin Hood and that the square was the scene of a drama from his life. With this recognition comes the sense that we are succeeding in calling up ancestral forces to help with the battle that has been raging in the skies and could soon reach the land.

Now I hear the great voice, loud and merry, of an Englishman who is coming to join us. I can now withdraw from leading the people and leave him to take charge.

Feelings: Excited, stirred.

First thoughts: I feel like I was a time traveler in the period of the Battle of Britain. Though I appeared substantial to those around me, I seemed impervious to things that would ordinarily wound or destroy a body – perhaps because I was moving in a subtle energy body, or had unusual powers, such as the ability to slow the experience of time (so the falling planes appeared to be coming down in slow motion) and to thin and loosen the molecular structure of objects.

Was I in my present body, or in the body of a contemporary person? Not sure.

It seems one of the key assignments of my dream self was to help call up ancestral forces, to awaken the sleeping powers of the land to support the living in a struggle for survival. An incident in the “psychic Battle of Britain”, perhaps…


Unknown said...

When I read your dream, the first thought that struck me was what was on the news today about Britain distancing itself economically from the rest of Europe and the crisis with the euro. Robin Hood- a maverick, seems like an apt figure in dealings with money & new taxes.

Justin Patrick Moore said...

Hey Robert.
This dream to me seems related and complimentary to your recent "Knights of Dreaming" post. While here the circle of dreamers are women, Robin Hood is certainly a good ancestral force contemporary men can learn from and call upon. Of course women can too, as they did here.

Simon Vigneault said...

This made me think of the 'Robin Hood Tax' movement, which advocates a tax whose time has come in my view. I am fairly sure this movement originated in Britain.

nina said...
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Patricia said...

I assume "We sign and dance in a circle" was meant to say, We sing... ?
If so, I like the slip. It seems to go with a skill you perhaps have with heraldic devices? I also like your sentence in this part of "No sign of modern traffic congestion". I don't like congestion myself.
I have a sense, if this were my dream, that the singing and spin is just the right shift to step into the great circle. How nice that I receive a sense of success at calling up ancestral forces. For me this speaks to the caretakers of the earth that we humans are. And I also believe we go as ancestors ourselves into the far future and bring back to the present a force that will allow for that awesome thriving future.

Is Changing Woman in your Dreamways book? I once again no longer have that book. I have given it away twice now because I loved the way their faces lit up when they looked through it.

Robert Moss said...

Robin - "Sign and dance" sounds like an excellent plan. Once again, I am drawn to notice what may be showing through a slip.

Robert Moss said...

Nina - Your story of the Chernobyl peasants is interesting. In general, I don't advocate "fearlessness" because it can be synonymous with folly, frenzy or the absence of imagination. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of fear by something stronger.

Robert Moss said...

Simon, Meredithea, Justin - I agree that we could use the spirit of Robin Hood today. There is little doubt in my mind that this dream was an experience of time travel, one of many excursions I seem to make to Britain in the time of WWII. Interesting that in this earlier time, energies of an older time - guardians of the land and the people - seem to be gathering, and active.