Thursday, July 28, 2011

Queen of Disks

I met her in this form in a dream: as an African matriarch seated under a baobab tree in the marketplace in her village, with the heaped fruits of the Earth around her.

She has made divination marks on the ground with her forefinger according to an ancient system of geomancy.

She wears a flowing red garment and the most wonderful multi-colored headgear.

She is the quintessential Earth mother.


Margaret said...

Ah, the beauteous and urgent Queen of Disks... I encountered her at the very first workshop of yours that I attended, some dozen years ago... beautiful and invisible, in spirit form she urged gifts upon me and pathways too, with the admonition to waste no time. They and she are with me still -- and I hear her lovely voice. I honor my Queen, and my Master Teacher Robert.

Robert Moss said...

Thank you, dear Margaret!

nina said...
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Robert Moss said...

Nina - Thanks for your description of the documentary on candomble. I have been to Bahia, and I have attended an all-night candomble ceremony. I love the statement that "women usually play the major role as priestesses because they make meals and food is also medicine so they can help and heal others".