Friday, June 24, 2011

The field of the brave person is always in blossom

On my visit to Estonia last April, I was given a glass jar containing 101 Estonian proverbs, rolled up as tiny scrolls. For the first time, I dipped into the jar just now to get a one-liner for the day. On the little emerald-green strip of paper i unrolled was this message:

The field of the brave person is always in blossom.

This touched me especially deeply since I learned last night that a dear friend had passed. She was a person of tremendous courage and love, and I have no doubt that fields will blossom for her beyond the fields we know.

Field of Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh


Adelita Chirino said...

My deepest condolences, Robert. I can imagine her moving through this bright and beautiful field now.

Irène said...

I will sit today and accompagny your dear friend with images of a glorious field in blossom.

Terry Tilson said...

Synchronicity surrounds you like blossoms in a field. So sorry for your loss Robert.

Robert Moss said...

Thank you, Adelita, Irene & Terry.

kym said...

Hi, Robert.
I'm not sure how you're pronouncing that name eshoq (?) but it immediately reminded me of king ashoka of ancient India who erected giant standing stones containing the words of the Buddha.