Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Dreamland

In Dreamland, when a decision is required on a matter of community importance, the people must come together in the Big House and make a web.
----In the first years of Dreamland, when the community was small, there was only one Big House, built of very simple materials around a great tree that rose through the roof like a ladder into the sky. Now Dreamland has many Big Houses, but the making of a dreaming web is essentially the same. Standing in a great circle at nightfall as they sing songs of Earth, the weavers raise the Mother’s energy into the tjurni and share it hand to hand, giving and receiving. When the energy is flowing strong between them, they each project ropelike energy cords to a common center and began to weave and shape the web. The cords flash with many colors, but as they interweave they glow sparkling white. When the chief weavers are satisfied that the web is strong enough to serve the group intention, the dreamers lie down in a cartwheel on the floor.
---Lying together in the dark, with their web of dreaming glowing above and around them, the dreamers sing their group intention, over and over. As they sing, the web grows. It will grow until it has brought within it everything the dreamers need to see and know. As the energy filaments stretch, they may encompass the whole planet. All times are accessible. Years or centuries may slip by, like blown leaves, in the group perception. While the group visions together within the web, individual Dreamers move along its strands, agile as human spiders, and drop down on scenes they choose to see close-up.
---At daybreak, the Dreamers share their perceptions, and the necessary decision becomes clear. They say there is no need to count heads when hearts are joined and connected to the heart of the Mother.

Excerpt from DREAMLAND: A Vision of the Possible Future. For a selection of documents from a dream commonwealth of the future, transmitted back to the 21st century through oneiric channels, visit Comments welcome on this thread.

Graphic: The cover art for the revised second edition of Dreamgates, to be published by New World Library in April 2010, now available for pre-order. This work is required reading in all faculties of the university of Anamnesis, as well as for the Corps of Watchers and the College of Flying Doctors, in the commonwealth of dreamers.


Nancy said...

I've been fortunate to be present at several gatherings you held where we journeyed to explore the Web. Remember my song "The itsy bitsy dreamer climbed up the Web of Light..."? I see your blog & forum & books as several key seed strands for growing & strengthening the Web. Maybe more timid souls would be emboldened to share their own dreams if they realized every time they do, they are spawning another tendril. Sharing dreams, whether in person or electronically, then getting respectful "If it were my dream" feedback, is essential to continuing to grow the Web.

Savannah said...

Sweet... I remember traveling into the web during one of my first dream explorations with you last summer, on a group mission to gather ideas for building a dreaming society. Dropping in on Iceland during that journey pretty well turned me into an instant believer in the live wonders of the web -- not ever having been to Iceland and completely unaware of its dream and fairy friendly ways at the time...

Justin Patrick Moore said...

The spider has always been one of my primary dream allies. When at first she came to me it was with shivers of terror, but I've sinced learned to love her. The Weaver is a teacher of writing (textus is literally "that which is woven"). The spider has been a prominent in ally in spontaneous night dreams that featured elements of time-travel, thus I will always call on Grandmother Spider if I need to skip from one strand of time to another -forwards or backwards.

And speaking of dreamgates I have also used the image of a web as a door for dream reentry. Sometimes it hangs from the branches of my personal tree.

Robert, I really enjoy reading these "Dreamland Reports" and hope to see them in a print version. I think that groups of people already already weave webs together --to build a culture that is in harmony with Mother Earth we should do so with more intentionality.

Robert Moss said...

Nancy and Savannah - Thanks for sharing in our wonderful group experiments in growing a communal web for conscious dream exploring. In the future commonwealth of dreamers, these techniques are essential practice, taught in families and in schools and then required in decision-making at the highest levels.

Justin, thanks for sharing your personal experience of working with dream webs, and for your encouragement to grown the "Dreamland" papers into a book. That will happen.

Karen Kay said...


There has been a very clear and strong imaginal presence of rope ish chords around here for a few months. A voice from the imaginal place keeps saying - follow the chords and find the way. These energy chords you speak of sound like the ones I've been seeing.
In my waking dream - the chords have a musical connotation.

I love the notion of singing the intention and growing the great web through song. .... all together now.......

Many years ago I heard Olivia Dewhurst Maddock ( who has done extraordinary work with sound / voice/ music) say that spiders use sound ('sing') to make their webs sticky.

Robert Moss said...

Karen, Thanks for drawing the threads of connection between "cords" and "chords". This has been clear in our practice, as we have woven group energy webs and sung or chanted our shared intentions as we set out on our tracking assignments, but you have given it clear and eloquent expression.

When you have read more of the "DREAMLAND" papers (at my website) I would love to hear more from you on how you see the role of sound and music in our future commonwealth of dreamers.

Worldbridger said...

Having scanned through the Dreamland papers, I was immediately reminded of a rare book self-published by Jose Arguelles in 1982. It's called "The Art Planet Chronicles, The Making of the Fifth Ring" and it has exactly the same flavour as the Dreamland papers.

Not surprising really as they are all emanating from the imaginal realm.

Most interesting, however.

Unknown said...

Oh I cannot wait to see the Dreamland Reports in book form! That will be a page turner!

And even though we are certainly growing the Web of our dreaming society in the imaginal realm, we're all already meeting and connecting through its physical plane manifestation, the internet web!

I also am intrigued by Karen's comment about singing the Web into being after doing a journey on a dream where I was told that mandalas are portals and the key to opening them is being able to figure out the song or sound they made. Which also makes me think about Roberts dream where the one person loses focus and the group can't jump time tracks and re-enact the healing. I wonder if everyone were to sing the same song, if that would be the key to keeping everyone in focus. Singing/sound also creates a frequency, a resonance that actually does heal, think of ultrasound, for instance. I can't see why it wouldn't allow us to time travel as well!

Karen Kay said...


I'd be delighted to.....

I'm Looking forward to delving into the 'DREAMLAND' papers and to tease the imaginings, arising out of this question, into words and story and sense.

Robert Moss said...

Hi Karolyn - Yes, it's remarkable how much we can share and grow through our online webs. I am more and more intersted about song webs. Your comments about the mandala have strong resonance for me because I am recalling the effect of working with a mandala painted by an artist friend under the supervision of a Maori elder. I deccribe in "Dreamgates" how that mandala provided a 2-way portal for interdimensional travel to specific locations. And that was accomplished without the added fuel of song.

Karen, Thanks for your encouragement, and for your glorious gifts of song as well as of dreaming!

Justin Patrick Moore said...

On sound as a vehicle for time travel:

Coil is one of my favorite musical/magickal groups. They put out a CD under the name "Time Machines" with the sub-title "4 Tones to Facilitate Time Travel".
It is very powerful. Great for ritual or conscious dream journeying.

And of course Shamans learn their healing songs from within the dream.

...just a few further threads for this thread to weave the web...

Nicola said...

I just loved reading the Dreamland Papers, and of course the mention of Ozland as a possible Free Dreaming Country that has incidently been described as a Switzerland in a number of my own dreams.
I had a recent dream where the wise elders and councils that are on occasion contacted through present day dreamers, may be a future Dreamland Collective of Wise One's who have the wisdom to help mankind navigate the changes ahead of us by dreaming backwards into our time, or perhaps through our practicing of dreaming the future.

Robert Moss said...

Thanks, Nicola. I guess the Ozzie in me wanted to come out in full throttle here. And althougb I have not returned to my native country in quite a while, I keep dreaming that it will play a role in future solutions far beyond what most of us have contemplated. I, too, have the sense, of a trans-tenporal collegium of wise ones, communicating from both our future and our past.

Worldbridger said...

For well over six thousand Velatropa 24.3 years, we monitored the heroic AhKa IV's double manifestations. That of the Great Southern Island remained as AhKa himself had predicted: stable to the point of boredom, yet because of that, an excellent transmitter, From this one we learned of such strange things as kangaroos and boomerangs, kundelas and kadaitja's. In one incarnation after another, AhKa, now known as Poontutjarpa, proved himself to be an obedient keeper of tribal lore and initiatory secrets.

The instrument AhKa used for contacting us was the Tjuringa stone, a tactile maze-like device for placing its users in a trance, transporting them to what they called the dream time. We all appreciated AhKa's wisdom in choosing these highly conservative two-leggeds of the Great Southern Island for maintaining communication with us at Arcturian Hierarch Central.