Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carrying a soul portrait

While dreams may show us many aspects of ourselves and others, the most important aspect that can be revealed may be the bigger and truer Self. We heal and grow our relationships when we can recognize that Self within and around others, and help them to embody more of it. Sometimes, it is enough simply to carry the energy of a vision of another's person's soul identity and its beauty and allow that to work quiet magic.

I saw that happen once in a work situation. A woman manager was involved in a bruising daily battles with a tough labor union leader. She could hardly bear to be in the same room with this man, and their personal conflict was undermining the company and labor relations. Then she dreamed that she met the labor leader in an informal setting. He was utterly charming and introduced her to his sister, who was named "Charity."

She woke with completely different feelings about her workplace antagonist. Reflecting on the dream, she realized that if his sister was "Charity", his agenda might be much gentler and more compassionate that she had allowed herself to recognize. She did not have a card to send, and she did not tell the union guy the dream. She simply carried its energy when she went back to the negotiating table. By the end of the week, her relations with her former antagonist had been transformed; they were now on the best of terms and a difficult contract negotiation went through smoothly.
Thanks to Robin O'Neal for the beautiful image of the bird reflected in the water, one of a series she took at our recent Dream Teacher Training on the Connecticut shore. Some of Robin's seabird photos are now available as notecards from http://www.cafepress.com/LaughnDream#link-productCategory-103


Anonymous said...

Hey Robert!
I love the concept of carrying a "soul portrait" - I imagine pulling out one of those photo 'brag books' filled with lovely images of the souls of everyone and anyone - all shining bright, with outstretched shimmer wings and tender longing.

It occurs to me that it is possible to "dream" such "sister Charity" in our waking imagination and offer that up to ourselves and others in relationships and situations that involve struggle. My daughters and I are currently enmeshed in just such a challenge and this concept and imagery is especially empowering right now.

I have, by the way, made this particular image into a greeting card - inside the "banner" says, "Take flight in dreams." I love how you've used the seabird pics to illustrate your insightful blog posts - thanks for the credit, too ;-)(now I can tell my daughter she ain't the only photographer in this family!")
Laugh & Dream~
Robin OK

Robert Moss said...

Thanks for helping give wings to our imaginations, Robin. If you decide to make those note cards with your fabulous photos of the seabirds available to the public, please let us know!

Unknown said...


The photo is beautiful. Catching these birds at the right moment takes great timing. There's a moment when the arch of the movement and form is perfect, right at that second......not too early not too late.

Well, you really did it. I'd love to see more.