Saturday, March 21, 2009

When waking events catch up with a dream


Belinda writes:

I often have dreams that did not appear obviously predictive at first, but at later glance, I realize that it was, and that I had missed a crucial opportunity. I often feel that some of these dreams can be circular in one's life (as in the opportunity may come back around again). How can I work with a dream which I think its time has already passed? Is there a way to re-open a similar opportunity in the future?

Robert responds

I often find that when life catches up with a dream event - one I may have dreamed years or even decades before - I can often use the detailed information from the "old" dream (if I have retained it in my journal) as navigational guidance. I may have missed the original prediction, but when dream event and waking event meet up, I find I have a very useful counselor at my elbow.

Recognizing this kind of thing also makes me more alert to scanning all dream material for possible clues to the future, especially since (as you may have noticed) the futures we can preview are not necessarily "set" and can sometimes be altered in creative ways. In my experience and observation, we are constantly scouting the paths ahead of us in dreams, which also show us the likely consequences of current attitudes and behaviors and looming choices.

Events throw a shadow before them. Even when we miss the shape of what is to come until it is all over us, the "old" dream has rehearsed us. When we re-examine the "old" dream in the new situation, we can learn from how our dream selves handled or mishandled the breaking news. We may have missed an opportunity to reshape a coming event, but we can still choose our response(both inner and outer) to that event, and here again the dream can play counselor.


Barbara said...

This post comes along only a few days after I finally 'broke the code' (I think) of a certain sort of dream that has recurred repeatedly over the years. I dreamed so many times that I was scheduled to take some sort of university class, but some vital element was always missing - the location, or date and time, or the professor, or the books - and I always felt, well, stupid Finally I realized that the message is that I will be learning about something, but all the pieces haven't come together yet to present in my waking life. Feels so much better!

Robert Moss said...

Hi Barbara - This is indeed a code worth cracking. Whenever I dream of having to take a class or face a test like those you take in school or college, I ask myself what learning assignment life is givig me now.