Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Cow! It's the Bird Poop Oracle

This sequence from this afternoon may not be the most elevated example of how life rhymes, but I can't resist sharing it as a small intercontinental synchronicity riff:

(1) I am reading a report in the online edition of The Times of London about how an Indian company backed by the Hindu nationalist party (RSS) is planning to launch a new soft drink based on cow urine in an attempt to rival Coca-Cola products. While I am still trying to make up a "snapper" worthy of this theme to share with a friend who has just returned from two weeks in India...

(2) I receive a phone call from another friend, Sara, who is on vacation in Honolulu. She's so giddy with laughter she can't even manage an Aloha. "I got to the part in your new book where you talk about the Taiwanese housekeeper who says it's really good luck if a bird poops on your head (guffaw)...and at that INSTANT (snort)...some bird dumped on me and (sqwark) I am covered, I mean COVERED, in bird poop. I've never known anything like it. That means I coming into money, bigtime, right?"

(3) Right after this I hear from the friend who has returned from India. I tell her the cow urine soft drink plan, and her first reponse (of course) is "Holy Cow!"

The Chinese say that there are things that like to happen together. Since the word coincidence literally refers to things "falling together", maybe we should note that there are things that like to fall together. Sara will keep me posted on the follow-up to the bird poop.


  1. I'm glad you didn't feel the need to come up with a picture for this entry!

  2. I considered it! The subeditors on the once-sedate Times of London had a field day with this. They ran a photo of the back end of a cow with a caption that said something like "Dispensing machine for India's new soft drink".

  3. Yes, I saw the article about the soft drink from India's holy cows on Yahoo news with the title "They call it Mellow Yellow?". I don't think this is what Donovan had in mind.

  4. I saw the article about the soft drink from cows urine....

    I dunno......I'll take a pepsi thanks.

  5. Sorry to hear about the bird poop, but here's to hoping it is good luck! Maybe look into bird removal NJ next time.