Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lunar alert - Full Moon dreaming on December 12

This just in from a friendly daimon of Luna: "'The full moon this Friday Dec. 12 2008 will be at its closest (221,554 miles) to Earth since 1993, and the full moon won't be this close again until 2016. Once a month the moon gets close to Earth at perigee(literally "near-Earth"), but sometimes, as on Friday, the monthly lunar perigee coincides with the full moon. A full moon is largest thru the thickest lens of the atmosphere when it's nearest the horizon. Put your back to the sunset wherever you are and you'll be facing the rising full moon."

So Friday may be a most interesting night for dreaming. The ancients believed that there is an intimate connection between dreams and the astral plane of the Moon - or more specifically, the daimons who live there and have frequent interaction with humans. The best source on this I know is an essay by the philosopher-biographer Plutarch (also a priest of Apollo and an initiate of the Eleusinian mysteries) titled "On the Face that Appears in the Orb of the Moon." As Plutarch tells it, drawing on a long tradition of practice and exploration of the mutiverse, the atsral plane of the Moon is the true realm of Persephone, where departed souls on an upward path reside for a time, and through which descend souls on their way to incarnation on Earth. The precinct of Luna contains schools and temples and pleasure palaces, and is a place of constant traffic.

For the ancients, the Moon appeared closer to Earth than it typically does for modern urbanized people, except -perhaps - on certain moonstruck nights. But on Friday, the full moon will not only look nearer; it will be nearer. When you journal your dreams and your impressions from the in-between state of hypnagogia, look for moonbeams. You might even, as a conscious journeying exercise, picture yourself traveling towards the bright face of the Moon, ready for an adventure.
THE DRAWING: "Full Moon Rising at the Foot of My Bed" by Robert Moss. from a dream


Gretchen said...

This is very exciting! On Friday night my dream intention will be guidance on my Negotiation final on Saturday. Last Sunday night I successfully dreamed 2 answers to my Administrative Law final that I took on Monday.

Donna K said...

Dreaming home to the realm of Luna! In my dream, she is a voluptuous goddess-y presence who guides the cycles of life and connects us to each other. And now she's coming for a closer look!

Mystic Dreamer said...

I felt the Moon yesterday and wondered aloud if it was Full. Since she pulls us days before her Fullness and releases us gently afterwards, I suspect that her pull will be/is extra strong if she is extra close. This combined with the shortest day soon afterwards makes for very auspicious Dreaming indeed. Thanks for the Lunar info!

wfleet said...

Consider also perhaps an adventure on the also-nearer 'dark' side of the moon -- which is where the clowns and crows hang out in frequently raucous hilarity.

If it is true that in Choctaw, the December moon is the "Peach Moon," that would be cool.

Unknown said...

Just last night I went out and sat on the deck watching the clouds passing by a very bright moon. It was a warm night for this time of year, the air was moist and light was very bright the house was full of moonlight when I woke later that night.

So, I'm very excited about Friday!

Grace said...

For the last several days I am hearing people around me commenting "the moon isn't even full yet. what's going on?" A bit of chaos, now I know why, I will be happy to ask for special lunar dreams tomorrow night!!!

Shroomer Sue said...

Each month I receive the full moon message from His Holiness Gayuna Cealo, a Buddhist monk from Myanmar. This is his message for tonight:

No matter if it happened before or something new happened,
the human mind always judges by comparison when things happen.

It may compare with others or something in one's memory of

One can enrich one's true value of life if one just senses and
experiences whatever comes today.

Give up thinking up reasons from mind-made-value, which is just
about old memories, to judge a phenomenon front of you.
Your heart just catches the phenomenon.
It is just to taste the life as its nature.

The phenomenon can't be the same as what you felt before.
Things are never the same.
So do not waste time and energy in order to find reasons.
It is just to judge things.

If you are sitting quietly now, just sense and experience
where you are now.
It is the way to approach to the true-self, your true value of life.

Gayuna Cealo

Unknown said...

Shoomer Sue:

Thank you very much for that message. I really needed to hear that. It's very revealing of how "judgmental" we can be. I know I am. These words are very calming and strike to the center of an issue with myself.

Thank you Sue and thank you his Holiness Gayna Cealo.

valerie said...

We live in an area that was hit with an ice storm last week. Without power or phone and with many trees down all over our property , we really loved it when the moon rose up and lit up the sky like a giant flashlight, making huge blue shadows on the snow and illuminating the ice on the trees. With our curtains open we could even see without candles in the house. Thanks to Mother nature !!

Robert Moss said...

I like Valerie's image of the giant flashlight in the sky. I saw the moon that night, very vividly, as a giant mirror gripped by an unseen hand, very deliberately beaming the sun's rays to light up the icy landscape below.