Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Place of the Lion

I dreamed that I stepped through a certain gate, and found myself swapping a place of self-limitation for a place of wild freedom, the Place of the Lion. One of the things active dreamers do is to offer the energy of a dream of power to others in such a way that they can take it into their bodies and minds and travel with it. So let me offer this dream to you as part of your possible life story:

You are at a zoo on a Sunday afternoon. People are wandering about, snacking and chatting as they inspect the animals and birds. As you approach the big cat enclosures, you are uneasy because you know that big cats don't belong in confinement.   
    When you come to the lion pen, you are disgusted because people are mocking the great beast, pulling faces - until someone screams that the gate is open and the lion could get them. Now all the people are running away.
    Instead of fleeing, you step through the open gate, into the place of the lion. The great beast runs towards you and leaps up...and his great paws are on your shoulders...and he licks your face like a friendly dog. He wills you to turn around and look at the scene in the zoo in order to understand what is really going on here.

    When you look back, you see that it is the humans that are living in cages. In the comfort of their suburban houses and malls and supermarkets they have failed to notice that they have walled themselves in places of confinement. When you look beyond the lion, you see there are no walls, only an open horizon of wild freedom and possibility. The lion says to you, in his gravely lion voice, "You see, my dear, humans are the only animals that choose to live in cages."

text adapted from Robert Moss, Active Dreaming. Published by New World Library.

Photo of a doorway in Prague by Robert Moss

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