Monday, June 10, 2013

What's birthing in Berkeley Square

I am in an elegant Georgian square in London. The garden area at the center of the square has been covered by an immense tarp. It is rising as whatever is beneath it swells and steams. What is this? An immense heap of manure?
    The smell is loamy and rich. This may be the mother of all piles of crap, but I am sure that something wonderful is about to happen. It feels like the Earth herself is in process of giving birth, within this defined and mannerly space. I picture a natural spring that becomes a jetting fountain, surrounded by lush beds of flowers and flowering trees.

Feelings on waking before dawn today: cheerful, positive. Sure I can get my new book together.

Reality check: I think the location was Berkeley Square. I am going to another Berkeley, in California, this week. The book I am currently completing includes an account of my adventures and misadventures when I was engaged in researching and writing historical novels set in the Georgian era. Fictional characters who were given homes on Berkeley Square include Bertie Wooster and Flashman (a distant model for the narrator of my novel Fire Along the Sky). 

Defining the space: As I think about what is birthing in my dream, my eye falls on a quote from Reshad Feild, sent to me in an old letter: "In alchemy it is stated that whenever we define the space for which we are responsible, everything is given us within that space. It is as if the whole universe comes down and sits at our feet...ready to be used for God's plan on earth."


Nigel said...

Thank you ! I think setting boundaries in our lives is so important. Similarly, the concept of territory is important in workplaces: I now often lock my office door because I think people should knock before entering as a courtesy. I have to say that you are truly prolific in your contributions Robert: my gratitude to you for sharing these thoughts.

Robert Moss said...

Always good to hear from you Nigel. I think the theme here is less that of boundaries - though I agree that that is vitally important in general - than of defining a space for manifestation. I was doing that last night, prior to the dream, in preparing a revised list of contents for certain sections of the book I am currently writing.
I have to curb the length and frequency of my responses here (and elsewhere online) or else I will never complete my larger writing projects!

Nigel said...

Thanks Robert: best wishes to you for the writing project. Nigel

nance Thacker said...

I like it!
I am going to play with "defining a space for manifestation".
Thanks Robert.