Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pregnant Author - Allow Space

No, this is not the effect of holiday cheer. I am pregnant, with a book.
    For those of you who are unfamiliar with this condition, or have never suffered its effects on a person close to you, let me offer the following counsel.
    An author with a book that is still inside him is a lot like a pregnant mother - mood swings, odd cravings, bouts of morning sickness. I have never thought that authors merit undue respect, let alone reverence, but those near them need to exercise some care. 

    Give the author space when he needs it. Don't take his flare-ups or silences too personally. Above all, don't ask him how things are going or whether he met his quota today; let him tell you if he chooses.

Pregnant author sketch (c) Robert Moss

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Patricia said...

Excited to hear about your condition. I understand totally. At the moment I'm giving birth to triplets. Books up to the editing stage and getting ready to be born. Delivery expected soon. I give myself the same message I give to you. Have patience with yourself.
Love and light always
patricia from Oz