Monday, April 2, 2012

Walking with dreams

A simple everyday practice I enjoy is to walk with a dream (my own or someone else's) and see what comes to me, gently and spontaneously, as its memory lingers.
     Sometimes the dream comes alive again, and I find myself slipping back inside, noticing things I forgot when I woke up. Letting my mind as well as my feet ramble, I can make creative connections. The world may give me a second opinion on the dream through the play of synchronicity. I may enter into a mental dialogue with a dream character, which can help to illuminate whether that dream figure is an aspect of myself, or another person, or both.
     That was my theme on my dream walk this morning. In the scene from last night's dreams that most intrigued me, I am with an older male friend I have not seen in many years in ordinary reality. I need to obtain an important certificate or identity document, perhaps a visa. There will be several checks, and I will be asked various questions, in a large official building where lots of people are standing in line. This process could take quite a while, and I'm always a little edgy when I have to go through situations like this.
    My friend makes everything amazingly easy. He drives me to the official building. Then, instead of joining the lines, my friend drives right inside, through a private entrance and ferries me from desk to desk, still in the car. I show my papers to a series of officials, leaning out the passenger window, and their questions are easily dealt with. All is well.
     On my walk with this dream, I thought about how life offers us a series of tests and checks, and we may be called on repeatedly to claim our identity both literally and metaphorically. My main question about the dream was: who is the man at the wheel who gets me through this process so smoothly? I am going to check in with the friend I haven't seen in years, but - though dreams are often literal and transpersonal - I have a strong hunch that on this occasion, the man at the wheel is an aspect of myself.
     So, as I walk in the park, I am making a mental inventory of phrases I would use to describe my friend to another person. 

- he is a big, strong man, a former college linebacker who likes sports
- he is a thinking/sensory type, rather than a feeling/intuitive type
- if I were to choose a tarot card to represent him, it would probably be the King of Disks
- he is a hard-nosed realist about people and situations
- he owns (or did own when I last saw him) a miniature Schnauzer

    Now I am ready to ask "What part of me?" resembles this description. Well, I am fairly big (though not as big as my friend); I am no sports fan but I did watch the NCAA semi-finals (and saw Kentucky, the team I picked to win the series, beat Louisville). I inhabit the world in a different way from my friend. I live by intuition and trust my feelings. I am a King of Cups or of Wands rather than a King of Disks. I tend to look for the best in people and situations. I do have a miniature Schnauzer, actually two of them (one very old and doddery, one young and charged with boundless energy).
    For now, my action plan, guided by my dream walk, will be simply to remember to let the part of me that is the King of Disks take charge, with pragmatism and everyday driving skills, when I face any checks or tests resembling those in the scene where my friend was at the wheel.

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