Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three fires

In dreams last night, I am staying in an immense hotel suite; it is as much like a well-appointed office suite as guest rooms. On an island in the kitchen there are central controls for three (presumably gas or electric) fires that will come on in fireplaces in three different rooms.
    I don’t need to figure out the controls. As soon as I indicate interest, a glass door from the kitchen slides open and a charming, respectful black hotel employee in a suit comes in to assist me in igniting or adjusting the three fires as I wish.
    I woke with a sense of quiet satisfaction.
    In my dreams, over many years, the state of the kitchen often reflects my creative state and sometimes my progress, or lack of progress, in relation to creative projects; a kitchen is where things get cooked up. I am cheered by the thought that I may have three projects that can catch fire – and that I don’t need to try to control anything, because help is available.
    If I were to pick a tarot card for this dream, it would be the Three of Wands. In the stream of the tarot numbers within the suit of fire, passion and intuition, there is the sense of thrusting energy, moving forward and expanding into new areas.
     In the Thoth deck, the image on the card is three blossoming lotus stalks, nicely balanced, against a rich orange background. In this deck the Three of Wands is labeled "Virtue", which confuses card readers who are not into etymology. The word "Virtue" is used here not in the sense of medieval morality, but in the old sense of vertu, meaning "excellence" and deriving from the Latin vir ("man") and evoking what is virile. When the Three of Wands is in play, there can be some risk of cockiness or arrogance; sage counsel may need to be sought. In my dream, this is available.
    My personal name for the Three of Wands is Spring Fire, and a dream on this theme feels just right for the vernal equinox.

My next adventure in Tarot for Dreamers will be held next weekend at the perfect address: the Dragon's Egg, Mystic CT. 


Justin Patrick Moore said...


"Tarot For Dreamers" sounds like an actual deck of cards, perhaps created by you (in addition to the workshop).

Robert Moss said...

It seems you can see the future, Justin.

Susan Morgan said...

I like this very much....Spring Fire! Spring is birth, and for me, birth is associated with Fire. I have a Tarot deck in creation, called The Mystic Dream Deck. Curious. My teacher ( you!) many years back gave us an assignment to create a quick personal card deck that evening, culled from our dreams. In a span of just a few hours I created an entire deck that I have used numerous times. I am fleshing out this deck and creating more detailed artwork. I will bring some samples this weekend at our workshop in Mystic, CT.

Robert Moss said...

No lack of Spring Fire in you, dear Susan. This is great energy to bring to our circle in the Dragon's Egg.

Justin Patrick Moore said...

Seeing the future is one of the skills you've helped me to cultivate. I "look forward" to the deck.