Saturday, June 12, 2010

Voice of Lightning

I strike fast, but before I strike I probe for the best way through the air currents, sending down feeders you cannot see. I am drawn to oak trees, and to humans who have the quality of oak, hanging on to their foliage when other trees have shed theirs, standing tall, deep-rooted in earth, but always reaching for the sky. I fall in love, as humans and spirits do. The humans I love best will be stroked by my fire and can read my movements in energy fields. They will be challenged, as others are, to ground my power safely, because I sometimes forget that these soft animals are weak vessels that need to conduct my force instead of holding it to themselves.

Connect with me, and you take on my speed, my ability to focus energy – and the challenge of remaining grounded and of passing on my gifts.


Irène said...

This morning I dreamed that I woke up with a tickle in my right ear. I thought it might be water and so stuck a Q-tip in my ear and felt the strangest sensation as I pulled out what I initially thought must be wax but was in fact a white "light thread" that felf very much alive and wanting. I then heard hungry rumbling deeply muffled somewhere in my head and woke to right down my dream not giving it much thought other than "I'm filled with rumbling mental activity and still have so much light that it's coming out of my ears."

When I read this post, I immediately recognized the rumbling as distant thunder and the light-string as electricity." ...

When I was a child, I remember the wild thunder storms that would come often on heat-waved summer nights. I also remember the joy & excitement of running through the streets and jumping up towards the sky trying to catch the lightning in my lightning-bug jar.

I have certainly lost contact, now living now in a completely different climat not given to thunder storms, of lightning.

Thanks for the post Robert. I had a sitting visual journey this morning to direct the lightning down through my head, through center and into the ground. My thought for the day is, "How can I bring lightning back into my adult life?" ... I certainly need it!

Robert Moss said...

Irène - what a charming picture, of your child self trying to catch the lightning in a jar. This could be the start of a marvelous children's story, and maybe that's what it wants to be.

Certainly, to work with lightning, we must find effective ways to ground the force.

Alla said...

One of the brightest memories of my childhood is meeting with a globular lightning. I was somewhat between 4 and 6 years old, and we were in our little suburban summer house. Thunderstorms were unbelievable there. After living in the city they seemed quite unreal. All the elements were in movement. Once, during such a thunderstorm, my granny forgot something outside and had to run out to the garden to pick it up. I went out after her, and stayed on the front porch, and immediately saw a huge rainbow-colored glaring ball with concentric circles inside, slowly floating towards me along the walkway. It droned softly, and it was incredibly beautiful, but in a few seconds I began to hesitate (the more so that my granny eerily screamed from the middle of the garden). I got back to the house and shut the door. In a minute my granny was back. It was so close... The distance between me and that thing was about 3 or 4 yards, as I can see now. Not long ago I thought about going back there and talking to it. - You know, it didn't recommend me to get too close. The voice seemed a bit dry. So, that was that! I thought about what it meant for me, what kind of a sign, and couldn't get the answer.

Irène said...

Thanks for sharing Alla. It's a beautiful story and I hope that you are able to return to that space for appropiate guidance.