Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bringing home the child who sees colors

My guest on my radio show yesterday was Dorothea Hover-Kramer, a gifted and caring psychotherapist who was conceived in Germany at the time Hitler was invading Poland. She grew up seeing the colors of people's energy fields and was almost overwhelmed by all the darkness she saw - aged three and four - as the Nazi dream progressed towards Hitler's suicide in the bunker.

She was in Berlin when the Allies moved in, and said that the most light she had ever seen around a person was in the energy fields of some of the black American soldiers, the first black people she had ever seen.

Her mother died in the wreckage of Berlin, when Dorothea was only five. Alone with her sister, she recruited a refugee to look after them and cook for them based on the colors of the woman's aura.

Later, struggling to make her way, she ceased to be able to see people's colors. The gift of reading "biofields" (as she learned to call them) revived only thirty years later when, as a nurse, she learned about therapeutic touch and helped to develop the now international healing touch program twenty years ago....

Her story brings to mind all the other people (often survivors of much less extreme situations) who have been led to suppress or part company with that magical child who sees the colors of people's feelings and is at home in the worlds of imagination.

I think of a woman I know who was punished by her art teacher in elementary school because she persisted in drawing colors around people, because that was what she saw. "It's not REAL!" her teacher screamed at her. "People don't have colors around them!" So that little girl stopped drawing colors, and fairly soon she stopped seeing them.

When I was a very young boy, I recall drawing motion lines around the figures of humans and animals, even when they were depicted as sitting or standing still, because I saw energy patterns around them. Today, mainstream science is confirming the reality of the human biofield. In her new book Second Chance at Your Dream, Dorothea describes a new technology whose slightly unsettling acronym is SQUID (for Superconducting Quantum Interference Device); it seems this can track the parameters of the human energy bubble.

Surely we all want to make more room in our lives for the child within us who sees colors or energy patterns and knows the magic of making things up.

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diane said...

I'm glad that today more people are aware of energy fields, aura's and the like. Hopefully, fewer children will have to suppress their natural way of seeing as we evolve.

Particularly when a room is darkened, I generally see energy patterns which look like rapidly moving points of light.I was surprised as a youngster to discover that others didn't see this and delighted when as an older teen I found one person who did.

Justin Patrick Moore said...

I can usually see an energy field when someone is giving a lecture, or I am sitting across from someone who is talking in a very engaged manner. I also see the colors around musicians when they are playing. These are the types of situations when I can see the energy field most easily. But there are other times when I see and sense it, and believe that it is a faculty I could improve or develop further.
When I was going through a difficult passage in my teenage years, my parents had me go to therapy. I never found a good fit with a therapist. One I saw asked me, on the first meeting, "Do you see colors?" "Yes." Check. "Do you hear voices?" "Yes." Check. After inquiring into my family history, and realizing there were two incidences of schizophrenia on my dad's side -my uncle, and great uncle (one was in Vietnam, the other WWII, -and the first I have a close relationship with: his symptoms seem to be more related to soul loss from his experience in the war)- she quickly had me earmarked as possibly schizophrenic just from one visit. That was the only time I saw her. It was funny too, how she didn't look at me at all, but just checked off things in her DSM-IV. I know there are many great therapists in the world. Psychiatry however is another matter all together. Not only are our innate gifts seen as symptoms of mental distress, but they have also put a system into place whereby pills are prescribed to further suppress them. Hopefully with the advent of technologies such as SQUID, the wisdom of the ages will join with modern science in a new synergy, that will help our culture embrace, rather than supress our natural gifts.

Louisa said...

SQUIDs have been around for about 50 years already and are nothing but very sensitive magnetometers, that is, devices for measuring magnetic fields. They are gentle beasts that require lots of care, chilly temperatures and protection from magnetic field of the Earth and your cell phone. If a SQUID picks up a signal next to your head, it simply means that you are not dead, and at least a few hundred thousand neurons close to the surface of your brain are doing something. To decipher what these neurons are doing from the recorded signal is a separate and quite difficult task. I suspect all this has little to do with the aura colors that some people see and that it will be a while before the effects of the human energy fields will be detected by physical means. So don't hold your breath and in the meanwhile nurture your neurons as though they are SQUIDs, that is, keep'em cold and noise-free.

Nicola said...

I wonder how many people of science would easily be able to detect the auric/ electrical field around the body with their bare hands if they were instructed to do so.
The movement of a hand from well over a foot/ 2 feet away can be felt by the organs inside the body, with irregularities and bumps indicating inconsistencies in the harmonious usually regular form.
I remember seeing this quite clearly as a child, along with the feeling that perhaps massaging or reforming the nobbly bits might help the psycological conditon of a person.
I can't yet see the colours but I do sometimes dream them.

Louisa said...

Considering the high concentration of talent and eccentricity, especially in hard sciences, I predict that the fraction of people who can see and hear the unseen and unheard is higher among scientists than in general public. But what fraction of that fraction would admit to seeing and hearing stuff is another question... Interestingly, Brian Josephson, the discoverer of the effect on which SQUIDs are based, is "a defector to the dark side" and is quite vocal about his interest in the paranormal.

Nicola said...

Hi Louisa
Hopefully it's time will come.
Perhaps rather like global warming which has been rideculed for so long to finally be something that the TV news will now talk about without sniggering behind their hand.
I am noticing how many celebreties are coming forward and speaking publicly about their journey with depression and mania.
Times are slowly changing.

Simon Vigneault said...

When I was a kid I saw energy, took it for granted. I recaptured that as a teenager meditating. I have to keep up meditation, particularly 'energetic' meditation, to see energetic aspects.
A particularly memorable childhood experience was of stopping in the middle of the living room and letting my eyes shift focus, to see 'the fuzzy stuff in the air', when a voice chimed in and said to me "Everything is energy."
I remember knowing that I had to keep mum about this kind of thing, to be sly about it around adults.

Robert Moss said...

Simon's comment about needing to be "sly around adults" about things he could perceive as a child nicely captures how tough it can be for kids in our society to use their inner senses and safeguard the treasures of imagination. When grown-ups fail to listen to kids and nurture their imaginations, they not only begin to crush something vital in the young but lose the opportunity to learn how to reclaim the gifts of the "wonder-child" in themselves.