Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dream clues for word detectives

In dreams last night 

(1) I am on land once occupied by the Brusci
(2) I discover a fascinating trove of research material for which the access code is 302jvc. 
(3) Someone close to me tells me she has been reading a book about D-Day. I say I would like to read it, looking up from my own book about an earlier phase of World War II. She says she has already placed the D-Day book on my desk.

Travel-worn, I laze in bed for so long after the dreams that the detail is gone, but the clues remain.
     I enjoy researching dream clues of this kind. Though I think "Brusci" is the name of an ancient people in the dream, I find that in Latin (in Pliny's Natural History) bruscum (plural brusci) is a knot of the maple tree, and I live in maple tree country. Is this a learned, slightly mocking reference, to early inhabitants of the region where I live? I'll stay open to further discoveries, because my instinct is that the "Brusci" (perhaps under a variant spelling) are located in south-east Europe.

     How about "302jvc"? 302, in the Dewey decimal library classifications, is the category of "social interaction". But "jvc" (lower case)? Personal initials, or shorthand?
     I know a little about D-Day, but may now find there is more I need to know. I am often engaged in scenes from World War II in my dreams, and am now traveling frequently and extensively in Europe.
     Once again, I see how dreams set us assignments. When I think about it, nearly all my important research as an independent scholar over the past 25 years has been triggered and guided by dreams and the machinations of the shelf elves that reveal and conceal books, documents and other sources. My life has been changed by pursuing word clues from dreams. 

   When I decoded an old word from a Native American language (ondinnonk) given to me by a Huron-Mohawk woman of power in a dream, I found myself pursuing an approach to dreaming and healing that went far beyond anything my own culture had taught me, taking me to the depth of soul. When I dreamed an archaic French word for a watering can (chantepleure) I was set on a trail that took me, three years later, deep into the world of Joan of Arc and of Charles d'Orleans, the prince in whose name she went to war.
     I now understand that sometimes it can take a while before a dream clue can be followed all the way. So I'll keep "Brusci" and "302jvc" in mind, and will be open to an interesting source on D-Day revealing itself, perhaps through the work of a shelf elf or Library Angel.


Anonymous said...

jvc manufactures all kinds of great electronics....??

Jonny said...

Route 302 cuts through put pretty solid maple country in central Vermont--perhaps not so far from your neck of the woods?

and this from the Wikipedia article on JVC: " 1939 JVC severed relations with its foreign partners during World War II."

valerie said...

My father was a medic in WW2. After he died my brother kept his wallet and found a very old faded pix in it. We never knew what it was, who was in it and why he kept it for 60 years. My father really never talked about WW2 like so many men from that era but he did mention something about D day to my brother. So Jim started to research it and found a book about D day from a bookseller in England. When he received it , he found the pix that my father carried all these years only bigger and more clear. It was of my father helping to move the injured from the trains to the ambulances which would take them to many different hospitals.
So the mystery was solved . Detective work in our case brought a piece of my father's experiences to life long after his death!

palimpsest said...

Did this dream occur overnight between 3/02 and 3/03?

If so, 302 jvc could represent a passage.

Encountered in the same formula as a license plate, it would suggest transition.

To me, it could be that "jc" is being pierced, like Christ, or is crossing a divide, like Caesar half way over the Rubicon.

Either way, a major liminal moment?

valerie said...

Your comment was interesting. Not that this has anything to do with Robert's dream but what you said meant something to me. I wrote the above comment about my father, whose initials were jc, mine name is v and my birthday is 3/2..i was with my dad as he transitioned out of this world down that long 302jvc is saying something to me.thanks.

palimpsest said...

I love that, Valerie.

A dream shared is a shared dream, as I have learned many times.

Robert Moss said...

Valerie - I love your story of finding the wartime photo with your dad.

Interesting how much speculation a short set of numbers and letters has triggered; I've received dozens of other suggestions via other media. The dream was from the morning of 3/3. I don't feel a strong "aha" as I consider any of the leads so far, but I appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity of the corps of dream codebreakers!

There are dreams that only reveal themselves fully when subsequent events, in the ordinary world, catch up with the dream, and this may be one of those.

valerie said...

I agree ..a dream shared IS a shared dream!

Having many precognitive dreams lately I see all the time how dreams reveal themselves when the events catch up with the dream. Thanks for the reminder, Robert ,which was said beautifully!!

nance said...

Hi Robert, I'll post this on your site now with a follow up.

302jvc = Cobjovic (from your travels in Eastern Europe) Google search of Cobjovic WWII yields Cobovic -Youth, Ambition and the Conundrum of War - Voices like Yours. Very cursory search & message from my phone, sorry couldn't get it to take on your blog post comments (new technology for me). Does this lead anywhere?

I went on to read the article that came up on the search - a commentary on the correspondence between a soldier and his family during WWII. As I did so, I remembered that I have letters my Dad wrote Mom when he served in the RCAF in WWII.

I haven't read them yet, but perhaps the time is right now.


Robert Moss said...

Hi Nance - I'm not sure how we get from "302jvc" to James Corbovic (his name has an R in it) in the paper you found online. Still, I'm thrilled to have so many eager would-be codebreakers on this case!

nance said...

Robert, thanks for the correction. I can't tell you how many times I saw the name, and even typed it, but didn't see the R in it.

Despite, or maybe because of, this shoddy research, my find prompted me to begin reading the letters and getting to know my parents as a young couple in love, separated during WWII.

Thanks again.

valerie said...

I hope you enjoy the letters. I recently did the same and found that my parents would write song lyrics to each other or say..have you heard this one or that . I wrote every song they talked about down . My dad was a musician and so are 3 of my brothers.I went on I tunes and found 90% of the songs and made a cd ,which I copied for each one of my siblings and gave to them for Christmas. I hope you have as rich an experience as I had reading their letters. valerie

Anonymous said...

Nokia Asha 302 JVC is a camcorder...I wonder about Asha. That takes me to the Avestan word in Zoroastrianism:

Anonymous said...

Funny, "Brusci" is a 'sound architect":

and the plural of the word "brusque" or "abrupt," so brusci are the abrupt ones.