Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kin to Lightning

Drummer in the clouds
you awaken me.
In childhood, you put a spear
of bright fire through my body.
I did not die,
I did not even cry out.
When I was in the dark water
you leaned over me
and told me to get out.
When you came to my farm
and moved over the barn roof
as a serpent of red fire
you were kindly
choosing to ground yourself
in the one unlikely place
that left us safe, but awake.
On a night among strange days
you fired your bolts into the corn
like a long-range gunner
homing in on a target
until you accepted the embrace
of the white oak that knew you well.

Soul of Thunder, Bright Awakener ,
may I ride with you
on your return journeys
to your kingdom above the cloud


Irène said...

I have a rude Word document of cut & paste poems from Robert Moss. I've printed it and it's in a plastic sleeve on the bookshelf aside my bed. When I'm too tired to read, to "get into the flow" of an ongoing story, I just relax and read a Robert poem before drifting off. It would be an enormous pleasure and comfort for me to see these poems, and others, rightfully printed, and illustrated (when & where appropiate) by your own drawn images that I have grown to love and recognize as your own. It's personal and I would like a leather bound copy of extraordinary quality that I may pass down to my children, the generations to come.

Robert Moss said...

Lovely incitement to get on with producing my poetry collection. Merci, Irene!

Unknown said...

I think this is the first poem of yours that I have read.. I love that you pair it with such a vital image. I myself experienced electrocution as a child, so I understand that you are right to be so respectful of lightning while honoring it in apostrophes. To be "kin" to such erratic, shocking and death delivering earth energy is a scary legacy in and of itself!
I find the simplicity of poem and page layout a quieter aesthetic; a way of appreciating the inspirations of lightning at a safe remove. Thank you.

Robert Moss said...

Sandy - Clearly it's time for me to publish a poetry collection! If you enter "poem" in the search engine here you'll find I have posted quite a few on this blog, and a few more at my Dream Gates blog, and there are several more in my book "Dreamways of the Iroquois".