Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bilocation and the Dream Double

I was attending a conference in the Boston area when I was approached by a pleasant-looking couple who might have been in their early forties. The husband, David, introduced himself as a medical equipment salesman from Connecticut; his wife as a registered nurse. They seemed intelligent, articulate, and well-grounded; they had brought a cooler full of provisions they offered to share over lunch. The only oddity was that they seemed unusually deferential to someone who was simply another conference attendee.
    “We want to thank you for that workshop we attended last fall,” David said. “You changed our lives.”
    “Which workshop do you mean?”
    “The weekend workshop in upstate New York.”
    “What was I teaching?”
     David looked puzzled as he told me how my workshop had brought shamanism and dreamwork together. “You showed us how to journey through the images from our sleep dreams.”
     I was flabbergasted. I had been thinking about going public with the approach I now call Active Dreaming. I had dreamed on several nights of leading workshops in shamanic dreaming. But I had not yet held one in physical reality — at least, not in my physical reality.
     I told David, “You must have confused me with someone else.”
     David looked at his wife, who knitted her eyebrows.
    “That’s impossible,” she protested. “Your voice, your white hair, your whole way of being — ”
    “You’re a pretty hard guy to mistake for someone else.”
    “And we spent the whole weekend with you,” his wife came back.
    “I’ll never forget it.”
    “That’s very interesting,” I told them. “I’ve dreamed of holding a workshop like the one you describe. But I haven’t done it yet, not in this reality.”
     “You’re kidding.”
     I shook my head. David looked at his wife, who made a face and tugged at his arm. As they walked away, she scowled back at me, obviously convinced that I was toying with them.
     Later in the day, when David passed me on the way to the cooler, he gave me a conspiratorial wink and said in a stage whisper, “Shamans are tricky characters.”
     What was going on here? Did my dream reality somehow become waking reality for that earnest couple from Connecticut? Dreaming, could I have projected a double who seemed solid enough — un hombre de carne y hueso — to students at a holistic center? Were we caught up in some kind of time loop, so that in their reality the Connecticut couple went to a workshop that I gave two years later in my physical reality (in which they were not present — at least, not yet). Or were the three of us somehow caught up in a collective, confusing hallucination?
     If I had been quicker off the mark, I suppose I might have asked the Connecticut couple if they had a receipt for the workshop they attended. Maybe the center where it was held owes me money!

There are doubles and doubles. St. Augustine left us the intriguing story of a philosopher who urgently wanted to consult a colleague living several hundred miles away. To his great delight, his friend called on him that night, and they had a long conversation in which the philosopher was able to clarify his thinking in areas critical to his work. He wrote to his colleague afterward to thank him for his providential visit — and was astonished to receive a letter back in which his friend told him that he had never left his hometown, but remembered conversing with the philosopher in a dream.
     The Capuchin monk Padre Pio rarely left his cloister but reportedly turned up on scores of occasions at other locations in a second body to preach sermons or counsel those in need. He attributed these feats to what he called “prolongation of the personality.”
     St. Anthony of Padua was credited with similar gifts. As he lay on his deathbed, he appeared to a friend hundreds of miles away, in seemingly corporeal form, and informed him that he had left his “donkey” — his physical body — in Padua.
      In her remarkable book, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon, Machaelle Small Wright describes her experience of a “split molecular process” resulting in bilocation in two separate orders of reality. “My soul operates out of two separate, but related physical bodies.” One is her own; the other belongs to a servicewoman who was killed in World War II and now lives with a group headed by “Eisenhower” in an (astral?) locale called the Cottage. Machaelle says the Cottage is situated in the “England equivalent” of “a planet that exists in a sister dimension of reality…within a band of form identical to our own.” She travels there by picturing the locale and willing herself to go. She insists that this is something distinct from a dream or an “out-of-body” experience, because “real” time elapses, she eats “real” food, and she is subject to “real” pleasure and pain.
      While the sight of one’s energy double, or doppelgänger, arouses fear in many cultures — especially the fear of impending death — the double may be something more. In Charles William’s novel, Descent into Hell, Pauline goes in fear of her “double” all her life — so terrified she avoids walking alone — only to discover it is no horror, but her spiritual self, her “unfallen self” as originally conceived in heaven. When the two come together, she can begin to live her true destiny, which includes helping to release earthbound souls.

Adapted from Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death by Robert Moss. Published by New World Library.


Unknown said...

I have had people INSIST that they knew me in a different city. A city in which I have never lived. curious. I have had visions in the last year of a different realm where my golden haired daughter lives.I have a son in this plane of existence now. Have been recording my dreams in a journal for a few years. Whilst living in Seoul I was outside a shop drinking coffee-early morning writing. I picked a random entry in a random journal as I often do to jump start my writing. The random entry was dated 2 years previous-where in a dream I was sitting in Seoul outside a shop drinking coffee in a white dress with red flowers. I looked down and realized that my dress WAS RED WITH WHITE FLOWERS. I had manifested my own dream of returning to my heart's home. The dress I had bought off a pedlar a couple weeks before-on the seaside. The peddlar had many dresses of yellows and greens and reds and one also of white with red flowers. At the time-on the sea I had not remembered my dream of course. I have so many.I am now working on how to manifest my dreams in life.

Unknown said...

The above-Jo Anna.

James Wilson said...

That's an amazing story Robert. It's got mystery written all over it. I can imagine that such an encounter gives you a different experience of reality.

I recently had an experience that reminded me of your articles about working with sidewalk oracles. Were we're learning to recognize how the world is speaking to us in signs and symbols.
30 june I drove home on my bike late in the evening. Halfway through the ride I drove over a stretch of road where the view was not blocked by the trees and shrubs along the side of the road.
When I looked at the horizon I saw the moon low above the horizon. Because it had been full moon recently, it was almost full and clear. I noticed that the moon had a very dark orange color. I stopped to make a few pictures of it.
As I drove further home, I remembered that for some people a red moon can indicate the arrival of mischief. I wondered if a dark orange moon could also have some kind of meaning. The color orange reminded me of fire and I tried to remember if I had read somewhere that for some people a dark orange moon can indicate a disaster or something similar with fire. I couldn't remember this but the thought of fire stayed with me for a while during my bike ride.

5 days later I was riding the same ride, this time in the afternoon. When I arrived at the same stretch of road where I had seen the dark orange moon, I saw at the excact same spot at the horizon a very big column of dark smoke. Maybe 1 mile high. I drove home and watched the news to see what was going on.
It reported that a major fire had broken out at a company in the port, 7 miles from where I was when I saw the smoke column. The fire had started 1 hour earlier. It was a big fire where the signal: fire under control, could only be given late in the evening. The column of smoke was visible at a distance of 19 miles from the fire.
I immediately thought about the dark orange moon I had seen at exactly the same place as the smoke and how it made me think about fire that evening.

Personally, I think in a situation like this that there is a good chance that I have dreamed about seeing the dark orange moon and the fire that followed it earlier. And that seeing the moon evoked an incomplete memory of the fire.
But I also had the feeling as if the world was speaking at that moment, trying to send the message that a big fire was approaching.

SarahMay99 said...

I remember you saying in an interview that registered nurses are a popular group that attends your workshops so it's fascinating you had this experience with a registered nurse.

briana sherry said...

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