Friday, September 17, 2010

White Shadows

White Shadows
When you walk usually you don't see
the white shadow walking beside you
who may stray behind a hedgerow
or veer away into a dark wood
or a tall city full of thrusting agendas
different from your own, or into a love bower
you left behind, or never made.

Your co-walker may swap places
with another white shadow, and another.
This is a parallel self who made other choices,
who stayed with your former lover,
or still works in the old job, or never crossed the sea,
or chose pancakes instead of waffles for breakfast.

Though the veil between you is thinner
than shrink-wrap, you rarely see through it
except in your dreams, where you enter the life
of an alternate self who has trouble remembering
the alternate self you inhabit this side of the dreamlands.

Yet when your paths converge with a parallel self
you feel something, obscurely, a tilt to the day,
and may notice you are drawing events and encounters
in a different way. People praise you or put you down
in ways you can't fathom unless you awaken to how
you are loaded now with karma of your white shadow
incurred in adventures you can't know about
until you follow the dream tracks of your multitudinous self.

- Madison, Connecticut, September 17, 2010

Ipousteguy, "Man Passing through a Dooor" in Hirshhorn Garden, Washington D.C.


Wanda said...

Beautiful poem!
I often find that my dreams of living in an alternate reality are tied to my son's life. I dream of him being married to someone else, having a life different from the one he has; and, of course, my life in these dreams is also different. I cruised through some of the titles and realized that even the titles reflect my life being lived in conjunction with his life in a different reality. In each one of these dreams I wake up feeling that his personal dreams led him to the right choices and that he is living a life that I find more satisfying for myself as my life relates to his. These dreams bring - for me - a realization of the different paths both of our lives take when even just one person makes an alternate choice.

Your poem also evoked for me those special places where I feel that I "belong" or places that feel so familiar that I feel a tense nostalgia of wanting to know more about who I am in those places.

Robert Moss said...

Wanda - How interesting that your dreams of alternate selves so often focus on choices your son may have made in an alternate universe. I know your son to be a gifted dreamer, fully aware of how dreaming presents us with alternate life possibilities. Wonderful when these gifts and this kind of recognition of what it is to be a citizen of the multiverse runs within families, supported from generation to generation.

Irène said...

Thank you for the image of a "white" shadow.

Over the years I've noticed that I sometimes have remarkable "mood shifts" that are in fact better described as "quality of my state of being shifts". The shifts can be minor to quite major as the time I was walking home from the bakery one Sunday morning with a heavy hangover. My body ached, my head was dizzy & clouded and I felt not so far from intoxication (despite a full night's sleep). As I walked I wondered if by using the power of my mind, I could completely alter my state. And just like that, in a heartbeat, I was as clear and fresh as a Spring morning. My body felt invigorated (and completely clear of poisons) and lucidity pulled my head & neck straight up upon my spine in perfect alingment returning me to a centered state of awareness (and security, which actually frightened me). At the exact moment that this happened, I had noticed a small blue-black bird in the distant sky and inwardly I saw the image of a blue man in (blue) feathered headress. At this time, I had not yet made the connection to the outward signs & inward images connected to these quality of state shifts. I since have learned that I am quite literally connected to other "selves" in what seems like alternate lives to the one I'm living (based on various alternative choices I could have made) as well as to different scenarios that seem rather far off from what I now experience.

What I'd like to share about this, is how it changed my approach to medititive practices (meditations, dance, quiet walks in nature, etc). I now know that what I DO, literally and quite PHYSICALLY can effect other parts of myself: my white shadows. And this for better or worse. So when I pray (or dance, or eat, or laugh, etc), the different parts of myself can feel it, if they just tune in to me as I tune in to them. This knowing often motivates me to make better, healthier choices and I think of the expression "one body, one mind" and I'll add "one heart."

Robert Moss said...

Irène - That shift you practiced sounds like the best hangover remedy ever :-) And, as you have discovered, it can work in other ways. If the shift is strong enough, it may change the energy template of our body to the point where disease symptoms no longer recognize us, and fall away. In my next post, I refer briefly to Joan Grant's experience with shifting between alternate energy bodies, or "supra-physical" bodies, as she calls them, which is relevant here.