Monday, March 22, 2010

Creating a psychic cop

Kaunas, Lithuania

I've been invited to stay at the palatial home of a very wealthy family. I think they are Swedes, members of the old Swedish merchant/industrial dynasties. We are going to a villa that is part of a family complex on a lake or inlet. On my left, through picture windows in the house, I notice a number of subtly-lit grottos or caverns nearby, each containing treasures. A couple of these caverns hold marvelous libraries of old books, clearly visible through thick glass walls, in climate-controlled spaces. The caverns are either man-made or have been converted to form a kind of matching set. I have the impression that the water in front of the houses is also a controlled environment, that these people have sought to arrange their world so they can even dial a temperature for a large body of water.

My host is a charming older man, both worldly and scholarly. It seems that his extended family is gathering for the wedding of his young daughter. This is an arranged marriage, set up in the old dynastic way to join two branches of this powerful Swedish family. The key planner is the mother of the groom, a sharp-featured snobbish schemer who always insists on appearances and protocol being just so. She does not approve of my casual clothing, for example, making it clear she expects me to dress in more stylish clothes for dinner. I walk to the room where I have left my bag to consider my dress options and find a couple snogging there.

I leave them to it and enter another room where I find the intended groom assaulting a woman. I think his intended victim is not his bride-to-be but another young woman he considers vulnerable, a poor relative or household servant. I pull him off the girl and teach him a lesson by winding fishing line tightly around his balls, making it plain to him that he could lose them if he fails to get the message. When I release him, I sense that he has no intention of changing his ways. He is spoiled and arrogant, a Eurotrash type in his late 20s who is his mother's darling.

I magic up a kind of psychic cop that will force him to stop abusing women. A huge, heavily muscled figure takes form. Otherwise mindless, it has been created for just one purpose: to prevent the abuser from ever harming women again. I call it a maldonado. The spoiled abuser blanches at the sight of this figure, but relaxes when it fades from the scene, thinning to a mist and then vanishing. When the brat begins to reassume a sneering, bullying attitude, the psychic cop reappears, reducing him to abject submission. I make it clear to the abuser that this enforcer will stay very close to him from now on, and will manifest if he ever tries to break his "parole"by mistreating women again.

I will now talk to the father of the young girl and the girl herself, to see whether they really want to go through with the wedding.

Comment: I woke from this dream, happy and satisfied, on the morning of the second day of my workshop in Kaunas. When I shared it with a group of women in the workshop, they hooted with delight over my use of the fishing line. It turned out that two of them are actively involved in supporting survivors of sexual abuse. We agreed that it would be great if we could actually deploy psychic cops for protective purposes as my dream self managed to do. "Actually, if you can do that in your dream, maybe you can do it in ordinary reality," suggested a Lithuanian therapist. I noted that my dream self often appears to be a long way ahead of me in his practice.


Nancy said...

Robert, I love this, especially the graphic you chose. I'm using this beefy guy myself now, to go back in time and help 2 friends who have abuse in their long-ago past they haven't healed from yet. Thank you!

Justin Patrick Moore said...

If psychic cops work in this much needed area of protection, I wonder how else they might be employed. Thinking of the earth as a woman and a mother, I think it might be a good idea to sic some psychic cops onto corporations who are known to have a blind eye towards their destructive practices. I see many possibilities for these kinds of beings and would like to read more about their creation.

On slightly off topic note: Robert did you happen to be in the municipality of Boden, Sweden during your travels? I dreamed of a book of American Folklore and Magic on March 21st called "The Boden Book". Looking up the word Boden I found it to be a municipality of Sweden.

Alla said...

Bravo, Justin! I'm with you on that one! If to remember "The Witches of Eastwick", then united efforts bring the results faster and in a more reliable way. Three cheers for the psychic cops for the corporations! :-)

Robert Moss said...

Justin, We might indeed be better off if Earth elementals were able to deter human exploiters and dumpers who have been destroying the rainforests and poisoning the oceans. Good theme for a story!

I was not in Boden (which is in the far north of Sweden near the Finnish border) on my recent trip to Sweden, but there are a couple of interesting connections. First, I was invited to visit a Sami noaide (shaman) who lives near there. Second, in a previous blog post ("At the sign of the dodgy fish") I wrote about Peter Englund, a native of Boden, the secretary of the Swedish Academy that selects each years Nobel laureate for Literature - a very bookish "Boden" connection for you!

Robert Moss said...

Alla - While I, too, richly enjoyed "The Witches of Eastwick" I must note that the Jack Nicholson character is the kind of creature that might require us to call in psychic cops! Marvelous fun, but with the moral that we want to think carefully about what we invite in....

Anonymous said...

Robert, It reminds of the use of elementals in, The Magus of Strovolos. I seem to remember them being used in similar ways in that book.

Robert Moss said...
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Robert Moss said...

Mike - Yes, there may be a similiarity to Markides' account of the generation and decommissioning of artificial elemntals by the maghus he calls Daskalos. I like "The Magus of Strovolos" quite a lot, not least for its clear exposition of the variety of modes of gaining knowledge beyond the body, from astral to projection to mind expansin which is (correctly) presented as the preferred method.